Post Grad Mastery Course in Canberra 2017

11 May, 2017  –  14 May, 2017

Go profoundly deeper into your yoga and learn how to strengthen, balance and master each chakra, on each kosha level. There will be a strong therapeutic component in which you can learn how to use the subtle energy awareness of Dru Yoga to balance and heal your life. This will be invaluable for you if you'd like to do the Dru Yoga Therapy course in the future.

Module 1 - Dru Yoga for health

We work through the chakras from base to top at the physical layer and if time allows include some of the pranic layer. You’ll learn how to work with specific postures and sequences to strengthen or balance each chakra. We’ll explore how these postures and sequences affect your physical body and subtle energy, and give you preliminary exercises for expanding your ability to work with your subtle energy.

Module 2 - Yoga psychology for health and wellbeing

Working again through the chakras from base to top, this time we focus on the pranic and emotive layers, learning how to use the postures and sequences we explored in the first module at these more subtle levels. You’ll experience how this gives you much greater power for achieving long-term health and wellbeing.
You’ll learn how each chakra is the part of our mind that controls crucial aspects of life (abundance/vitality, relating, achieving goals, building harmony, knowing the right thing to do, discerning your role in life, achieving unity). So we’ll explore in depth how to harness this power to dramatically enhance the effects we studied in module one for creating optimum health and wellbeing.

On this course we'll explore in depth how to harness the power of the chakras to create optimum health and reduce dis-ease

These first two modules will give you the foundation principles so you can use a class situation as an effective environment to help people (and yourself) manage their body-mind-emotions in a whole new way. You’ll be able to help them achieve greater health and reduce dis-ease – regardless of their experience in yoga or familiarity with its language. You will have the essential principles to be able to use essentially physical language to create immensely powerful programmes.

Module 3 – successfully design your life with Dru

You’ve explored the body-mind and its health in the last two modules. Now we’ll go on to explore how yoga helps you redesign any aspect of your life that you’d like! Naturally this will also help you add even more potency to the therapeutic principles we studied in the last two modules. Relationships, abundance, achieving goals, communication… you name it, yoga can help you succeed in it!


You will receive a certificate in Dru Yoga Postgraduate Studies, as well as 12 hours CPD per module (teaching skills training).

Prices and booking

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Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 09:30
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 16:30
Yamuna, Age 14, Totnes
Age 14, Totnes

I think this course offers so many amazing life skills that everyone deserves to know.

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Health Coach, Prague

This course teaches yoga which everyone can do at all levels and stages so it’s really accessible. The teachers are real pros and have amazing experience to back up the knowledge. My personal practice has improved a lot, so has my memory, concentration, calmness and alertness. I also made very strong friendships with like-minded people.

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It is really good to experience different teachers. There is always something new to learn.