Dru Kids and Teens

Dru Kids & Teens

Dru Kids & Teens (DKT) teacher training is a 3-day intensive designed to inspire, inform and ignite a passion to work with children/teenagers and make a real difference in the world. Add another string to your bow by training as a DKT yoga teacher and take Dru into the future through the children!


Suzanna Thell teaching a child Dru Yoga

Suzanna Thell

Dru Kids & Teens (DKT) course senior tutor with a young student

Who is this course for

This course is for Dru Yoga graduates and those undergraduates who have passed their interim assessment.

On this intensive course, you'll gain all the skills necessary to teach in a range of different environments, covering the following topics:


  • how to make yoga fun, engaging, meaningful and safe
  • essential concepts in child psychology and development
  • different approaches and content for the various age groups
  • how to manage and structure classes for different groups
  • adapting EBRs and sequences for children of all ages
  • yoga stories, activations, games, massages, relaxations, pranayama, meditations
  • yogic philosophy for teens
  • ways to introduce yoga to child care centres, schools, colleges, yoga centres and into the community
  • marketing strategies and business matters


Find out more about our upcoming course

Melbourne, 9-12 June 2017


Course content

Enjoying a 'tummy relaxation train' on the Dru Kids & Teens Course

'Relaxation Train' on the DKT course

Why teach yoga to kids?

  • be inspired to make a difference in the world
  • discover the benefits of how yoga can work for young people
  • discover the 8 Dru principles of teaching kids and teens

Who you can teach

  • different age groups
  • stages of development
  • class management
  • managing children with special needs

What you can teach

  • bringing the Dru essence to your class
  • class components (name games, activations, EBRs, sequences, yoga stories, pranayama, relaxations, meditations, massages)
  • examples of how to work with EBR'S and Dru sequences
  • yogic philosophy for kids
  • about the body
  • themes

How to teach

Discover the Dru principles of teaching yoga to kids and teens and be inspired to make a difference in their lives!


  • getting started - establishing your first class
  • business matters
  • teaching in schools


  • teaching resources
  • promotional resources
  • props

Course prerequisites and certification

The Dru Kids & Teens (DKT) course leads to post grad certification. To be eligible for the DKT teacher training you need to be either a Dru Yoga Teacher Training (DYTT) graduate or have passed your DYTT interim assessment.


Mouli MacKenzie, Frani Wilde and Suzanna Thell, Dru Kids and Teens course tutors

Mouli MacKenzie, Frani Wilde, & Suzanna Thell

DKT course tutors

Course tutors

The course will be led by Suzanna Thell, Mouli MacKenzie and Frani Wilde.

Suzanna, an early childhood educator, has been teaching yoga to young people of all ages over the past 10 years. She brings a wealth of experience from developing and teaching Dru Yoga programmes within a successful business model.

Mouli is a creative yoga teacher and also a brilliant book designer and co-created with Suzanna the jampacked DKT manual. She has experience leading family yoga days for the young and the young at heart and brings her effervescent, joyful, energy to the DKT course.

Frani has also taught children of all ages in family yoga workshops and in regular kids classes. She brings a wealth of knowledge about what the body is capable of doing developmentally at different stages and how to teach anatomy to children/teens.

Be prepared for lots of laughter, inspiration, yoga play, creative expression and fun!


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