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Rebecca Langford

Dru Meditaiton teacher trainer and osteopath

Dru Meditation teacher training - price and easy payment options

Payment options to suit you

Here at Dru we're passionate about helping people use yoga to improve their health and wellbeing, so we will do our best to make it easy for you to pay for the Dru Meditation teacher training course.

You can choose from a wide range of payment schedules, and even spread your payments longer than the teacher training course duration.

Upcoming Dru Meditation teacher trainings

The current Dru Meditation teacher training course is being held in Adelaide and you can join module 2 on 17-20 March 2016.

The venue is The Monastery, 15 Cross Road Geln Osmond, SA.

The course structure has seven (4-day) modules over 2.5 years.


The course can be paid for as follows:

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4-monthly payments:   $880   ($2640/year)
Half-yearly payments:   $1320   ($2640/year)
Annual payments:   $2520    
1 x payment for 2.5 yrs:   $6060   ($2280/year)


It is also possible to pay monthly for the course – please contact us for details. These prices are correct for 2015 but are subject to change due to cost increases.

In addition, a non-refundable deposit of $850 confirms your place on the course. We return this to you at the end of your course by deducting it from your payment of the final 4 months - a nice gift to receive at the end of your training!

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