Dru Referral Programme

Receive £125 off a future Dru event, retreat or training course

We're excited to welcome you to the Dru Referral programme designed to thank you for referring and signing a friend onto the Dru Yoga or Meditation teacher training course.

The programme works like this – you will receive £125 (increased from £100 for new referrals from 2015) off a future Dru event, retreat, or training course when someone you've recommended joins the Dru Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training Course and reaches the half way point in that course.

Your name must be referred to in the student’s application form.

It's that easy!  If you are not a DPN member, then you will receive DPN membership plus a £60 voucher.  You can also request that your voucher is applied to your DPN membership or Online Studio membership (see below on how to do this).  

Please send the referral form to us as soon as you can.  For the referral to be valid we need it before the student has reached  Book 5 of the Training Course.

To apply for the £125 referral voucher:

Download (to your Downloads folder on your computer) the Referral form: CLICK HERE  

Complete the form

Attach it to an email with 'Dru Referral Programme' the subject of the email

Send it to info@drunetwork.com.

Or post it to: Dru Referral Programme, Dru Professional Network, Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, Nant Ffrancon, Bethesda, LL57 3LX.  

You will receive your voucher after your friend completes books 1 - 8 and is registered on the Full Teacher Training Course (Books 9 - 16) and the voucher has been signed by one of the DPN co-ordinators and verified by a course leader. 

To use your voucher:

For Dru events run in Snowdonia, please book via the main office at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, 01248 602900 or hello@druworldwide.com AND give your voucher number to receive your referral credits. 

Members referring students on to the Dru Scotland courses and the Dru London courses are able to use their voucher for Dru Scotland / Dru London events respectfully.  Please contact Jill who will forward the booking request to the relevant centre along with the value available from the voucher.

For all other events, DPN membership and Online courses, please contact Jill at the DPN office at info@drunetwork.com (01248 602900 ext 217)

Once again, thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of your students!