DPN Discounts

DPN Discounts

Member Discounts

Find out what discounts you receive as a DPN member.  Your savings can easily cover the costs of membership and you can enjoy products and workshops at the same time!! 


The cost of membership more than repays itself if you would like to use these discounts

The discounts on Dru stock mean you can sell Dru items to your students and cater for their interests


On this page we guide you how to access your discounts for the following:


Dru Online Shop

Dru Workshops and Events

Inspired by Yoga - Malas, candles & Eye Pillows

Carrot Banana Peach - Organic yoga clothing




Dru Online Shop

You are entitled to 30% discount on bulk stock orders of Dru branded product (any product with the Dru logo) for orders totaling $150 or more, This allows you to then sell these products at the same price as shown on the online shop enabling you to make a 30% profit on each item you sell.

To access this discount click on the following link and use the promo code DPN108 at checkout.      Go to the online shop now >


Dru Yoga students practising plough posture


Dru Workshops & Events

As a DPN member your are entitled to a 20% discount on Dru workshops around the country. This includes workshops such as CPD workshops and masterclasses. Remember to choose the DPN rate when booking online (make sure you are logged in first!) or ask for this discount if you are booking by phone for any workshops. 

A discount for large international Dru events is specified for DPN members online or on the event information fliers. 


Dru nurturing therapies; massage, Bowen technique, cranial therapies, reflexology, Ayurvedic therapies and many more


Inspired By Yoga - Malas, candles & eye pillows

One of our Dru Yoga graduates and course support team member in Melbourne, Amy Joy Barber has kindly provided DPN members with a 25% discount on all mala beads, eye pillows and candles at "Inspired by Yoga".

To access this discount click on the follwoing link and use the promo code DPN108xo at checkout.         Go to the Inspired by Yoga website now >


Carrot Banana Peach

Carrot Banana Peach (CBP) is a UK organic clothing company that provides you as a DPN member with a 10% discount on yoga clothing.

To access this discount on the UK CBP website click on the following link and use the discount code CBPSC50014. 

Go to the Carrot Banana Peach website now >


Kate Waterhouse, Lawyer, Dru Yoga workshop participant

workshops are revitalising "

kate - lawyer

I'd really recommend the Dru Workshops. I feel so revitalised and enthusiastic about life since attending, I definitely want to come to another one soon!



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