First Aid for yoga teachers

First Aid for yoga teachers

First Aid

Did you know it's now a requirement of the Dru Yoga teacher training course to have a First Aid certificate? Dru has introduced this requirement in recent years in recognition of the personal responsibility we encourage you to take for all aspects of the safety of your students.  



It just makes good sense when you are planning your yoga business to have a current First Aid certificate...

And it reassures your students!

Is First Aid compulsory

Many venues you might like to hire will also ask you for a copy of your yoga teaching qualification, a copy of your insurance,  as well as a copy of your First Aid certificate. This is because the venue needs to ensure you're properly qualified so that they can meet their own WHS obligations as a business.





Practise Dru Yoga outside

"I agree ....

 let's get a group of us together for First Aid training"

It makes good business sense


If you're teaching and building up your own business, having a First Aid certificate makes good business sense and provides a level of reassurance for your students that you will know what to do if an accident occurs during your class.





Knowing what to do in emergency is an important part of teaching

Make sure you have a current First Aid certificate.

First Aid saves lives!


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