Teacher insurance - Aus

Teacher insurance - Aus

Teacher insurance 

As a Dru Professional Network (DPN) member you need appropriate insurance, and we provide you with a letter as proof of membership for you to obtain insurance.



It is important you are insured for public liability when teaching public yoga or meditation classes.


Why do I need insurance?

Most venues you hire now require proof that you have insurance...

Dru Professional Network teachers can take advantage of very competitive professional insurance rates arranged with Arthur J Gallagher.

Arthur J Gallagher can also provide insurance for student teachers who have passed their interim assessment.

However, you are free to choose whichever insurer you wish and who can give you the best deal!! 



How do I apply for my insurance

Please note you must deal directly with Arthur J Gallagher to arrange your insurance.

Arthur J Gallagher can be contacted on 1800 222 012 or visit their website >


On the Arthur J Gallagher insurance application form there is a section for your membership number. To print your DPN membership letter with your DPN membership number click here




Make sure you have insurance when you are teaching, even if it's just informally with friends

Protection is important for you and your students




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