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Yoga Music - Vayu CD

Jolanda Jonker and Joris Vincken

This relaxation music CD is perfect for meditation or for yoga teachers wanting soothing music for their yoga lessons. Melodic flute music enables you to relax and let go of stress and worries.

$25.00 AUD
Yoga Class - Total health EBR 2

Louise Rowan

A complete Dru Yoga home programme including Energy Block Release 2. This CD gives you a synthesis of flowing sequences, energy block release movements, mudras (hand gestures), visualisation, relaxation and meditation.

$25.00 AUD
Yoga Class - Energy and Flow EBR 4

Susan Kulas

Choose this easy-to-do Dru Yoga programme if you feel scattered by a busy day (or life!!!), or want to feel powerful and strong in body and mind. Dru Yoga's remarkable grasp of the body-mind connection enables you to wash away the effects of hours of stress in moments.

$25.00 AUD
Yoga Music - Elements CD

Jolanda Yonker and Joris Vincken

Music made in heaven for relaxation, yoga and meditation. Be transported! Have your favourite yoga playlist all on one CD with two movement tracks and 2 long tracks for relaxation and meditation. It's made with your needs in mind.

$25.00 AUD

Mansukh Patel & Coby Langford

Develop highly effective 15-20 minute daily exercise programmes to help you ease and take control of your back pain within 6 weeks.

$30.00 AUD
Dynamic Relaxation

Ruth Boaler

This remarkable Dru relaxation programme helps you relax when all else has failed! Dynamic relaxation methods involve very soothing movements, breath and visualisations to profoundly relax and re-energise your mind, your body and your emotions. 

$25.00 AUD
Yoga Class - Health and Harmony EBR 1 CD

Padma McIntyre

Padma is a senior tutor on the International Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course, and co-author of the book Dru Yoga for all Seasons.  Drawing on her many years of experience in teaching creative dance and yoga, Padma invites you to share her enthusiasm and passion for movement.

$25.00 AUD
Relaxation - Dru Star Energisation

Rita Goswami

A deeply therapeutic relaxation programme, which balances and energises physically, mentally and emotionally. By harmonising your right and left brain hemispheres and energising every part of your body, you'll feel a sense of wellbeing which simply carries you through the day.

$25.00 AUD
Yoga Class - Clarity and Creativity (EBR5)

Lalita Doerstel

Boost your creativity and get clarity on your life with this gentle Dru Yoga programme. Particularly good for clearing the effects of a busy day. This sequence will help you feel enthusiastic and balanced.

$25.00 AUD
Dru Yoga stillness in motion book

Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel.

Body-mind yoga at its best - 
the ultimate yoga lifestyle guide.

$39.95 AUD