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Advanced Practitioners course (open till July 2017)

1 April, 2017

This year we are launching our Advanced postgraduate studies programme, starting with the Dru certificate of advanced postgraduate studies. The course is open to graduates and senior students of the Dru Yoga teacher training course.

Dru Yoga as you've never experienced it before.

The course delves into the wonderful world of koshas and chakras, giving us tools to revolutionaise our lives and our teaching. Read more about this exciting course by clicking here >>


Andrew Wells, instigator of the course describes how the course came to be, and how it delivers the remarkable benefits it promises





Master an inner world of vivid transformational potential

- for yourself and as a teacher


Module 1

An in-depth exploration of asana modification and the physical level.

As you are aware each posture has an essence, an inner transformative power waiting to be discovered. During this weekend we will explore how to finely attune modifications to the needs of the individual,  in doing this, we will discover keys to help us embrace the essence of every posture. We will then go on to explore the physical level, working through the chakras from base to top. 

Modules 2 - 3

Deepening awareness of kosha and chakra in asana practice

We work through the chakras from base to top at the physical layer and introduce some of the pranic layer.  You’ll learn how to work with specific postures and sequences to strengthen or balance each chakra.  We’ll explore how these postures and sequences affect your physical body and subtle energy, and give you preliminary exercises for expanding your ability to work with your subtle energy.

Modules 4 - 5

Discovering the power of the motivational kosha

Working again through the chakras from base to top, we focus on the pranic and emotive layers, and how we can use the postures and sequences already previously explored at these more subtle levels. You’ll experience how this gives you much greater power for achieving long-term health and wellbeing. You'll also learn how each chakra is the part of our mind that controls crucial aspects of life (abundance/vitality, relating, achieving goals, building harmony, knowing the right thing to do, discerning your role in life, achieving unity).


Graduation and assessment

This course will give you detailed guidance for exploring the principles and insights both in your home practice and in your classes. There will be some written reflective practices for you to record your experiences and discover the remarkable progress you are making. You will be asked to dedicate at least one hour per week towards this practice.

On completion of the course and the written reflective practice, you will be awarded a Dru Certificate of Advanced Postgraduate Studies.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

For further information and an application form please contact Dru Midlands.

Phone: 01902 409164



£250 deposit

£50 per month over 15 months



Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 10:00
Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 17:00
Yvonne Radcliffe, staff nurse, Port Talbot
Staff Nurse, Port Talbot

I learned so much in my first module of the teacher training about Dru Yoga. I love the graceful, flowing movements and the way my body feels after a Dru yoga session. It is very different from any other style of yoga I have ever done. Your body feels more flexible and energised and your mind feels calm and relaxed. I loved every aspect of the course. It was well delivered with a good mix of theory and practical sessions each day. The books given as part of the course are excellent.

Sound Therapist, France

This course has been an amazing adventure. Teachers with wide spectrum of qualities, bringing you into guided meditations, breathing, asanas and EBRs. A 14-day journey to inner peace, letting go and allowing to transform. The most beautiful gift you can give to yourself. Thank you Dru!

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Biomedical Scientist, Chester

Snowdonia is a great place to start your journey, the tuition and support team of previous students are so motivating that you feel totally supported in achieving your own goals