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Radiant Heart - the new EBR8

9 April, 2017

Padma will be leading this fascinating and unique workshop on the power of the heart. 
The heart is a key organ of the body. The size of a fist, it generates an electromagnetic field 60 times greater in amplitude to that of the brain. This means the heart is a powerful organ, and its influence far exceeds that of the brain.
On the physical level the heart aids the circulatory system; energetically it balances the organs and creates inner harmony. Spiritually the heart entrains, or aligns, our system to that of the universe, giving us a sense of total oneness and connection.
The sequence of the Radiant Heart works on all three levels, empowering the heart to function in an optimum way.
"As we learn to tap into our heart’s intelligence, it increases our vitality, our resilience, and especially our health and happiness." Dr. Rollin McCraty
This workshop will focus on understanding and working with the physical, emotional and spiritual heart. Padma will guide you through an in-depth exploration of the vital Anahata chakra, or our spiritual heart centre, that helps us evolve and gain our freedom. 
The day’s programme will include:

  • 12 movements to open the heart centre and create an optimum healing environment
  • Knowledge on the 3 powers of the soul
  • How to maintain and strengthen these 3 powers with the aid of meditation and energetic mudras
  • An understanding of the 3 most vital pillars that help spiritual progress on a day to day basis.
  • And of course there’ll be relaxation, fun bodywork, meditations and presentations to help you anchor a complete experience.

So don’t miss this opportunity to be with Padma and the team in Epsom. We look forward to seeing you all!

Warm wishes,
The Dru London Team


Prices and booking

Standard price: £55  

DPN Members: £45

Any questions? Please email:  

or phone 01372 725327




Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 10:30
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I have been doing Dru yoga along with my husband Alan Inglis for a number of years now and go to his classes. I have to say that Dru help me get my strength and walking ability back after a very severe illness. I am a true fan.

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Having the opportunity to be in touch with the gratitude within and the abundance in all of us.

Yamuna, Age 14, Totnes
Age 14, Totnes

I think this course offers so many amazing life skills that everyone deserves to know.