Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

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Freedom from Fear with Annie Jones
Annie Jones   15 mins
Welcome to this class on 'Freedom from Fear'. In this session we explore 5 separate techniques, all... Read more...
Gayrati mantra and meditation
Annie Jones   13 mins
The Gayatri is an ancient mantra used for thousands of years to bring light and clarity to the... Read more...
Introduction to the Koshas
Annie Jones   10 mins
 In Dru Yoga you will have noticed that we often talk about the koshas. These are the five... Read more...
Letting Go
Annie Jones  & Radha Patel   50 mins
Stress can effect our gut - the small and large intestine. Join Annie and Radha and learn how you can... Read more...
Managing the Menopause: Class 1
Annie Jones   61 mins
You are a woman of wisdom. This is your time.
Managing the Menopause: Class 2
Annie Jones   70 mins
Discover more information about the menopause, and learn yoga to support you at this time of your... Read more...
Moon Sequence
Annie Jones   14 mins
This sequence is taken from the "Balancing the Water Element" class by Annie Jones. It is... Read more...
Natural Confidence Series: Class 1
Annie Jones   75 mins
The position of the spine is absolutely vital to how you feel. This class looks at how to 'park the... Read more...


Annie Jones

B.Ed., DYTT (T), D.N.N
Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

Annie is an international Vitality Coach, motivational speaker, Yoga and Nutrition Consultant.

She is the Co-Founder of the International School of Dru Yoga (UK) and author of 'Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion'. Annie has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has pioneered health and yoga programmes into schools and businesses throughout Britain. Annie specialises in the positive effects of nutritional analysis, and uses her training in analysis of nutrition and blood, alongside her in-depth knowledge of yoga and yoga philosophy to really make a difference to her client's health and wellbeing.

She hosts many events and conferences internationally. Annie has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes and has made a selection of DVDs and CDs on health and wellbeing.

Annie is also the driving force behind establishing the World Peace Flame charity here in the UK and launching the UK Peace Education package for schools 'Peace in your hands'. 

In 2015 she received a Diploma in Ayurveda, diet and lifestyle from the Ayurvedapura Academy in London and now teaches on Ayurvedic Certificate course in North Wales.

Annie currently presents workshops in Manchester and around the UK, and offers personal programmes on health and vitality.