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Hrit chakra
Annie Jones   30 mins
Join Annie as she takes you through this class focusing on the Hrit chakra. The Hrit chakra is said to be the seat of intuition and sits within the Anahata...
charity pose
Louise Rowan   17 mins
 Parsvottanasana  - The Charity Pose  This session includes the following: a brief synopsis of the benefits  intro to the body preps...
Simple Inversion
Annie Jones   5 mins
SARVANGASANA 1 - SIMPLE INVERSION Welcome to the simple inversion. This session involves: preparatory neck movements
 how to move into the pose
 how to...
the health benefits of juicing
Keith Squires   18 mins
Juicing is the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle of toxins, stress and processed food.  This class will show you how to use three different types of...
Vipariti Karani
Annie Jones   7 mins
Vipariti Karani is a gentle inversion which helps to relieve tension after a long day at work. Take the weight off your feet and feel rejuvinated and refreshed...