How to search on
this website

Learn a few tips and tricks
to help you easily find
information on Dru Yoga Online

browse the video library

Tip 1:  Start with the basics

Go to ‘browse video library’ for a quick overview all the classes.

Search by:  class length, class level, tutor,
posture or sequence, class type, health subject,
class theme or language.
You can also scroll through the carousels for a quick view of:
  • Recently released classes
  • Upcoming classes
  • Choose by type of class  
  • Choose by theme



Tip 2:  Tailor your selection

Go to ‘advanced search’  in order to adjust and modify your search results.




Home page links

Tip 3:  Use homepage


The ‘homepage’ has an overview of all the:

  • themes
  • blogs & news
  • meet the team
  • upcoming classes
  • recently added classes




Tip 4:  Use keywords


Type in a 'keyword' to search any topic!


Key word seacrh