Abdominal Strengthening 3

Mona Fairholme

Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Mona is a senior tutor for Dru Yoga North in Leeds W, Yorkshire. She been has teaching Dru Yoga Classes for 14 years and teaching Dru Meditation for...

Abdominal Strengthening - stage 3

5 mins

Welcome to this body prep session with Mona.

This session will include the following:

  • placement of the abdominal muscles 
  • origin of the muscles 
  • purpose of the muscles - to help lower and raise the upper body
  • aims of the class - to strengthen them
  • introducing the importance of 'core muscles' and how to engage them
  • demonstrating the incorrect way  to perform this stretch
  • demonstrating of the correct way to perform the stretch
  • the importance of repetition, building up the number of times you practise over time.
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