Activations - energise yourself this summer

Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

Annie is an international Vitality Coach, motivational speaker, Yoga and Nutrition Consultant. She is the Co-Founder of the International School of Dru Yoga (...

Activations - start your day with energy and dynamism!

9 mins

Taken from the new 3 part series - Relax and Unwind, this activation will get you moving and fully prepared for your yoga practice.

Activations are simple movements designed to wake-up and warm-up your body. Doing activations as part of your yoga, ensures a safe and effective practice.

Join Annie in this short 8 min session which includes a dynamic twist to get fresh blood into the muscles around your spine, arm swings to mobilise the neck and shoulders and a variation of the Breath of Arjuna to deepen your breath and increase the prana (life-force) in the body.

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7 Jun, 2016
dawn cleal's picture
dawn cleal
Ahh that's better feeling alive and alert. Thank you Annie

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