Chandra Namaskara

Louise Rowan

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

International speaker, lecturer and retreat leader, Louise Rowan's engaging presentations and seminars leave you in no doubt about who is the one in charge:...

Chandra Namaskara - the Moon sequence

14 mins

The Chandra Namaskara, the Moon sequence.

Your session will include the following:

  • a brief synopsis of the benefits 
  • suggestions for modifications - chair or pracitsing whilst standing - especially helpful if you find the pressure of kneeling too uncomfortable.
  • Louise guides you throigh the stages of this sequence
  • the sequence includes a number of asanas - the Warrior, the Crocodile, the Sphynx and the Extended Child.
  • visualisation - see the moon reclected on the calm waters of a lake - useful for calming the emotions.
  • use power affirmation: 'I am at peace', 'All is well'
  • this sequence is linked to the second chakra - the swadhisthana. It is also linked to the manomaya kosha.  To understand more about the koshas, see The five layers of existance in you core lecture series.


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8 Nov, 2016
Sheila Caldwell's picture
Sheila Caldwell
Brilliant, some useful tips. A thorough summary of a fundamental sequence including koshas and modifications. Thanks Louise.

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