Deep Yogic Breath - ab control

Nanna Coppens

Senior trainer in Dru Yoga, Meditation & Dance

Nanna is one of Europe’s most experienced and highly regarded Dru Yoga and Dance trainers. Originally from The Netherlands, she has been teaching for over 20...

Deep Yogic Breath - with abdominal control

9 mins

The Deep Yogic Breath - with emphasis on abdominal control.

Session 3  
This session includes the following:

  • revision of the physiological actions required for breathing correctly. This involves moving the breath effortlessly between the area of the upper abdomen, the rib-cage, the upper lungs and  the collar bones. 
  • advice regarding the proper use of muscles known as transversus abdominus (core muscles).
  • emphasises on the three phases of in-breath and out-breath - each engaging the abdomen, rib-cage and upper lungs. 

You are invited to sit in the cross-legged position, on the floor or on a chair to practise the DYB.

Key words:

  • core muscles, rectus abdominus  - the 'six-pack' muscles group, transversus abdominus.
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