Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

As co-founder of Dru (UK), Director of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, a nutritionalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Live and Dry Blood Analyst Annie is one of the...

Managing the Menopause: Class 1

61 mins

You are a woman of wisdom. This is your time.

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Members' comments:


19 Mar, 2017
raphkevdweide's picture
Dear Annie, Thanks for the insights and wisdom, and the tools provided to nurturing and calming down my body and mind. Beautiful to see how EBR 3 and the moonsequence can be used in many ways to destress an calming down my body. And a lovely meditation, I really felled the healing power of the journey cross the glands of my body. A big thank you!
1 Dec, 2016
JosephineP's picture
Thank you so much. This has been so helpful...I feel loved.
27 Feb, 2016
Charlotte May's picture
Charlotte May
Thank you so much Annie for a wonderful class which is healing, nurturing, empowering and full of wisdom.
5 Nov, 2015
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
Thank you Annie. I needed that today. Feel amazing, calm cool and centred
16 Jul, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Annie. Loved the meditation. A great class for when you feel life has made you feel a bit wobbly! X
11 Aug, 2013
Marian Dekker's picture
Marian Dekker
Dear Annie, I am only 45 years old but I am looking forward now to the years to come. Thank you so much for these wise lessons and this feeling of being ok, nurtured and a woman of wisdom :)
10 Jul, 2013
jmts's picture
Oh Annie, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! This is such a beautiful and powerful class. I am technically in peri-menopause, however the closer I get to menopause the more disruption & symptoms of hormonal imbalances impact on my daily life. Just this one session I feel so much more balanced. Many blessings to you. Love & light, Melissa

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