Viloma Breath

Nanna Coppens

Senior trainer in Dru Yoga, Meditation & Dance

Nanna is one of Europe’s most experienced and highly regarded Dru Yoga and Dance trainers. Originally from The Netherlands, she has been teaching for over 20...

Viloma Breath

12 mins

The  Viloma breath
Violoma is a development of the Deep Yogic Breath.  Unlike the DYB (which is not considered to be a pranayama technique) the Viloma breath is understood to be a pranayama technique.
The Viloma develops in three stages. Following on from the lessons learned in the DYB, it utilises  the same pattern of inhalation and exhalation - but now adds a develeopment:

  • in breath stage one - abdomen - hold
  • in breath stage two - rib-cage - hold 
  • in breath stage 3 - upper lungs, collar bones - hold

Once you are familiar with this process, you can begin to repeat the same on the out breath:

  • exhale from the abdomen, and hold.
  • exhale from the rib-cage, and hold.
  • exhale from the upper lungs, and hold.


As you become more adept at this practise, you may wish to lenghten the time of the holds for longer.

Nanna invites you to sit on a chair, cross-legged or on the floor to practise this technique.

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26 Oct, 2016
4evermywillow's picture
Another amazing video by Nanna paced just right. This is a wonderful pranayama technique. I currently have a bit of a cold virus and this really helped clear my lungs and airways. It's a great progression of the Deep Yogic Breath Thank you Jayne

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