Free 3-Day Online YogaFest - Ignite 2023 |


Free 3-Day
Online YogaFest


20-22 January 2023

Arise amidst challenges.
Establish your yoga and make 2023

It only takes 3 days to Ignite 2023

A joyful Dru YogaFest to help you awaken 3 principles that will ignite your inner strength.

Want the best chance of helping this New Year’s plans come alive?

Science tells us that less than 20% of our New Year resolutions will succeed.

But we can be so much more than that—and Yoga tells us how.

Brighten up your January!

Awaken and energise your inner power

Transform stress & anxiety
into empowerment and creative solutions

Access your innate wisdom

The 3rd weekend of January has the reputation of being the UK’s most depressing time of the year.

Let’s change that.

Begin your contribution to a better world in 2023 by gathering with 100s of like-minded people to show the world just what yoga can do. 

  • Establish your yoga practice to carry you through the year.
  • Clear away anxiety and stress by converting their energies into courage and empowerment.
  • Use the hidden power of breath to energise your lungs, body and pranic field.
  • Boost your energy and strengthen your emotional resilience.

  • Use Dru’s profound sequences to flood your body-mind with healing hormones - whenever you need to.
  • Discover awesome yet easy ways to connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Make a difference by coming together with like-minded people - be supported, empowered, and create a web of light.

The Themes


Skyrocket your energy levels.

Just a Few Breaths Away

Boost your life force for stability

Yoga to Rise
Like a Phoenix

Transform negative emotions

The Sessions

Three live 45-minute Evening Sessions

Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 19.30 (UK time) with Dru’s Yoga Teacher Trainers.

Morning Practice

The following morning, you’ll receive a class from the Dru Yoga Online Studio to extend what you’ve learnt—you can play it at any point during the day.

Recordings and Resources

You'll be able to view recordings of the Live classes and the morning classes for 3 days after the YogaFest. After that, you'll be able to purchase this excellent material to keep into the future. 

The Tutors

Andrew Wells

Joint CEO of Dru in the UK, Andrew has taught Dru in more than 30 countries and 5 continents and helped develop Dru in war zones. He leads Dru’s advanced practitioner programmes and spirituality courses. Andrew is loved for the empowering way he helps people understand and master the energies that make up our body, mind, subtle energy and spirit.

Christiane Saar

A senior yoga teacher trainer, Christiane’s speciality is making the awesome depth of Dru Yoga available in simple ways that help you feel strong and empowered.

She’s taught in Europe and Australia and co-leads Dru’s youth, dance and gift programmes. Her courses and classes are packed with depth, transformation and fun!

Tobias Oliver 

You know when you’ve met Tobias - from the warm sense of well-being you're left with, and the delight in life that he’s kindled within you! He’s the author of the highly reviewed book, Rise and Shine, teacher of trauma-informed yoga and meditation, therapist and qualified Laughter Yoga and Grief Yoga teacher.

André Harwich

The man of depth, precision and uplift! Architect of Dru’s Light Kriya and upcoming Breath Coaching course, André has been teaching Dru for two decades and is one of the lead trainers in our Ayurveda Health Diploma. He’s also been trained by Baron Baptiste, Rod Stryker and coaches corporate leaders for firms like Microsoft and Peerforum.