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Short term volunteering with Dru

Short term volunteering with Dru

Short term volunteering at the Dru International Training Centre is rewarding and lots of fun.

You can visit for a day or more and while you are here you can discover the magic of Dru behind the scenes.

During your stay you will meet lots of amazing people like yourself who want to make a fulfilling contribution to the world. 

Plus its a great way to get to know the Dru team, extend your skills and get a taste of what it’s like to be part of a not for profit yoga and training organisation. 

There are a variety of fulfilling volunteer opportunities that you can try. 


Volunteer cooking at the Dru centre

Vegetarian cooking at the lodge

Some of the areas include: course support, vegetarian cooking, gardening, handyperson jobs, event bookings, cleaning, event PR, marketing, web site updating, sales and shop assistance, article writing, editing, graphics, photography and administration. 

You don’t need experience but we will try to match your skills if you would like to work in a particular area of interest.

Or you can just offer your services and they will be channeled where they are needed most on the day. 

If you would like to stay overnight at our B&B lodge, your accommodation and daily food will be reduced from our regular guest rates to just 10 pounds a night. 




If you are interested in short term volunteering please contact Alison Boyle, HR Manager, Dru Centre for Health and Wellbeing, +44 (0)1248 602900,