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Ayurveda free 3-day Inspiration

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27 July, 2021
(Registration open till 30 Jul)

Join the 3-day Ayurveda Inspiration

27, 28, 29 July 2021, Tuesday to Thursday 7.30–8.15pm

Experience the power of the three subtle essences that help you to
reconnect with your original joy-filled nature

No previous experience of Ayurveda required.

Here’s what you'll experience

3 powerful techniques to:

  • enhance your ability to adapt to change
  • create a deeper sense of clarity and perception so you know what to do in any given circumstance
  • increase your natural resilience to stress and illness.

These three qualities of adaptability, clarity and balanced immunity are related to Ayurveda’s 3 vital essences known as prana, tejas and ojas.

Three short sessions on consecutive evenings. We will progressively build the three techniques into one practice called the Amrit Sadhana. This powerful meditation technique can awaken and enhance the qualities of your three vital essences by:

  • nourishing PRANA to help us to adapt to a variety of circumstances
  • balancing TEJAS, the transformative force whose illumined intelligence gives clear perception, and the aspiration to search for meaning and purpose
  • boosting OJAS, the foundation of our wellness and longevity which supports our strength and vitality, protects our immunity and gives us our sense of stability 

We offer it to inspire you to realise the potential of applying ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to your daily life.

A link to recordings of the three sessions will available.

Hosted Q&A sessions after the practice to learn more about our upcoming Foundations of Ayurveda course. 

Next step...

Join the Dru Foundations of Ayurveda course to:

  • learn about your individual make up
  • discover health-enhancing principles that you can easily apply to your life 
  • gain an in-depth working knowledge of Ayurveda
  • create an optimum diet and lifestyle unique to your individual make up
  • enjoy excellent health and wellbeing  

This event is free

To register click on the button to the right

We can’t wait to see you there!

For more information:
Please  email  ayurveda@dru.com.au
or call the Dru Office 02 6161 1462    


Tuesday, July 27, 2021 - 19:30
Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 20:15

Amazing weekend of yoga, walking and meditation. Such a beautiful place full of amazing people. Staff are very helpful and supportive and the food is superb. Would highly recommend a visit.

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Remedial therapist, Abergavenny

I find Dru meditation really helps to bring balance in myself in this hurly burly world. It is a wonderful tool to take out and share with others.

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Teacher, Cornwall

We had a really great day yesterday.  The mixture of yoga, relaxation, cooking demonstrations and eating was just right.  It has left me wanting to know more about doshas and how yoga and food can balance someone.  We also loved the partner poses, beautiful and fun.

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