Dru Yoga - the first step to an empowered life - FREE workshop

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10 June, 2021
(Registration open till 9 Jul)


The essence of Dru Yoga lies in our quest to awaken that part of us which cannot be shaken from its peace and tranquility.


Photo: Isabella - Dru Yoga Teacher

This free 1hour session is designed to give you a taste of what is on offer for you with Dru.

Take the first step towards:

  • Your own daily Dru Yoga practice for better health and wellbeing
  • Getting to know the Dru team - who we are, why we are so passionate about our contribution to the world and what's on offer for you
  • Tasting the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course - Level 1 - to see how your own journey of empowerment can be a catalyst of change for others

Come away with:

  • A 15 minute, easy-to-do, daily Dru Yoga practice that will release the blocks in your body and mind
  • An understanding of your very own "psychic anatomy" and how it holds the keys to your unlimited potential
  • Evaluate your lifestyle with our ‘chakra analysis’ chart and learn how Dru Yoga you can bring balance and power into your life
  • An introduction to the Dru Yoga teacher training course - Level 1 and appreciation for why it might be right for you

Open the door to your empowered self and discover the tools that can transform the world around you!

Thursday June 10th, June 24th and July 8th 7.00pm - 8pm AEST

Join us for this FREE 1 hour introduction to Dru Yoga and a world of possibility


Dru has helped me to develop my understanding and build strength within so that I can thrive in the world. It is about connecting a compassionate community of hearty souls! 

Joanna Bencke Dru Yoga Teacher





Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 19:00
Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 20:00
(16), Saltash
The Dru Youth yoga retreats have been incredibly helpful to me. It has given me an amazing group of close friends and many techniques that I can easily use in my everyday life to feel calm
avatar calm sky and sea
The Spirituality of Yoga was a great course, very inspirational and also quite practical. And it was perfect to raise the mind above the worries and problems linked to the world situation. I certainly want to carry on with the follow up and can’t wait for the next one.
Avatar blue sky and cloud
Local Authority, Ottery St Mary, Devon

I particularly enjoyed the bhima warrior posture and the vitality sequence. Also the story and explanation of stretches and muscles. Diaphragm exercise one I will definitely be doing.

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