AUD$ - Global Ambassador of Light Training - 2022 |


AUD$ - Global Ambassador of Light Training - 2022

11 June, 2022

For graduates of Dru advanced courses, or with equal experience

Thank you for your effort, your practice, your contribution to the world, and to the enormous growth you have achieved in your spiritual practice. 

Now, it's time to expand this success in the microcosm and take it out into the macrocosm.

It's time to initiate you into the yogic practices that have been used since ancient times to heal the planet and add light to our global human consciousness.

We invite you to become: a Global Ambassador of Light


The earth is a living, conscious ecology, and humanity shares a collective consciousness that either heals or hinders our planet. Each of us are nodes in the web of life, and since ancient times the great seers have trained students to become pillars of light wherever they find themselves. 

In this unique training, you will discover the time-tested techniques that enable you to become a source of light that can make a genuine contribution to the world.

You'll discover the next step of spiritual potency, liberated via the process of vedic puja. These carefully crafted techniques enable you to send light throughout the web of life. They enable you to activate the hidden forces of life that build success in all the aspects you need for success in living your own personal spiritual destiny - abundance, team-building, relationships, project attainment, intuitive leadership and community.

We'll have 5 touch points - trainings in June, July, 2 in September and October. They will culminate in your entry into the realm of people who are stewards of our earth. People who care enough to place their personal spiritual destiny in complete alignment with you the future of our fragile world. 

Thank you for making a difference!


Here's what you will learn:

  • A global movement mudra designed to connect you with the vast resources of the earth, and extend this like a spiritual antenna into the global field
  • A global meditation programme that ignites the principle of connectedness and compassion
  • The ancient mantras of light and how to activate them
  • The vedic process of puja, spiritual principles that change the world
  • How to use all of this to add spiritual potency to the 7 key areas of your personal spiritual destiny
    • Abundance, Relationships, Effectiveness, Team building, Communication, Intuitive management and Flow state
  • How to harness the Daivam Factor, the hidden forces within the sea of consciousness that empower your Inner Teacher
  • How to use the principle of Seva - active contribution to the world - to build your spiritual energy

What are the details?

Join us for five online training day experiences. These are streamed from our UK centre so for us in Australia & New Zealand you will be able to enjoy part of the day live and then catch up with the other part via the AV recordings the next day. Alternatively do enjoy staying up at night if you wish.  Each will consist of a live training day of talks, meditations, yoga and more, as well as an associated tutorial group session. With these you'll connect more personally with your tutors and other like-minded friends from all over the world. You'll also have the chance to join a year-long interactive community for discussion and inspiration. All sessions will be available to you afterwards if you can't join us live. 

We expect your current Spirituality Sangha tutorial groups to continue, subject to the number of people enrolling. 

Who is it for?

This course is for graduates of Dru advanced courses: Spirituality of Yoga, Post Graduate Mastery, Dru Meditation Teacher Training and Steps to Enlightenment. It's also open, by application, to any strong seeker or teacher with a strong commitment to adding light to our world.


Probable dates (tbc)

Live online training days (dates to be confirmed):

  • Sat, 11 June
  • Fri, 8 July
  • Sun, 4 Sep
  • Sat, 24 Sep
  • Sat, 22 Oct 

Live online tutorials will be 4-12 days after these dates, on Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening 



Prices and booking

5 live teaching days and 5 live tutorials, with lifetime access to recordings.

  • DPN: Non-refundable registration payment: $175
    • plus 4 x monthly instalments of $175 starting June
  • Standard: Non-refundable registration payment: $190
    • plus 4 x monthly instalments of $190 starting June


Saturday, June 11, 2022 - 11:00
Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 17:00
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Sixth Form Tutor, Somerset, England
My experience of Dru and yoga had been limited to one wonderful walking and yoga retreat at the Nation Centre in Snowdonia the previous year. My isolation during lockdown led me, for exercise reasons, to the Dru online studio recommended by a friend and my life was transformed when I immersed myself in the many workshops, talks and classes they were providing live over the period. I came to "know" the wonderful teachers. When the spirituality of yoga course was offered, I jumped at the chance. It was the most beautiful, uplifting and sustaining experience I have ever had. My only regret was that it only lasted 21 days which did not give me the chance to really get to know any of the 200 other participants from all over the world. My heart leapt when a chance to be part of the community as a Sangha over the next 11 months was offered.  Thank you Dru team. You are very special wonderful people.
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The Netherlands
This week was incredibly fantastic. I did not only reload my body energy and unwind my mind about any worries, but I totally felt like I had an uploaded bubble-bath!
With this experience Dru makes it much easier for me to bring the techniques into my daily life. Thank you for the amazing way you take care!
avatar butterfly on clover
(16), Devon
These Dru Youth yoga retreats are so beneficial and have given me so much confidence to be my true self in everything I do and my everyday choices. 
When I feel stressed or going through a rough time it is so amazing to remember that I have such a close support network from Dru  who all share their support, love and care with everyone whenever it is needed. This love, care and support is always reciprocated. 
Dru Yoga courses are such an amazing experience to have. I think everyone would benefit from having an experience like that. They teach you so many stress-relieving techniques that everyone can benefit from.
The friends and memories you make at Dru stay with you for life. 
I look forward to the Dru Youth course all year round

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