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Dru Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training - online post graduate course

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6 May, 2022

This comprehensive course is open to all qualified yoga teachers from any tradition. Designed to train graduate teachers in the practical skills to confidently and safely teach yoga classes for pregnant women and accommodate a pregnant woman in a general class. This course is also aimed at those wishing to learn how to modify and adapt yoga practices to be accessible for differing abilities.

We will examine the most common concerns yoga teachers have when embarking into this special area of teaching and demonstrate the fulfilling role of a Dru prenatal yoga teacher.

This training explores how to empower women to trust in the miracle of birth and utilise the yogic techniques to face the challenges of pregnancy, labour and birth.

The course will be held over two 3 day module weekends with over 30 hours live on-line sessions plus extra information pre recorded. 

All course materials including the course manual, video recordings and handouts are accessed via a Student Online Learning Platform called Thinkific


Module 1      6-8 May 2022

Module 2      25-27 November 2022

There will be two Tutorials between Module 1 and 2 


Fundamental principles

  • safe and effective practice 
  • physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • empowering women to believe in themselves 
  • trust that birth is a natural process, a part of life
  • understanding good postural alignment
  • adapting Dru Yoga practices for a prenatal environment
  • honouring the miracle of new life

Beneficial practices to establish during pregnancy

  • asanas and sequences
  • effective breathing practices for pregnancy and labour
  • pregnancy relaxation techniques 
  • prenatal meditation for empowerment
  • developing concentration skills
  • affirmations to transform unhelpful emotional patterns

Maintaining optimal health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy

  • learn to balance hormonal and emotional fluctuations
  • develop skills for dealing with the effects of stress during pregnancy and labour
  • effective self-help tools to ease back pain and many other pregnancy related problems

Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and childbirth

  • changes to and demands on the musculo-skeletal frame
  • strengthening core stability muscles including pelvic floor
  • ways to enhance optimal fetal positioning

Preparing for childbirth

  • Running a partner class specially for birthing support people - sharing a variety of pain-relieving techniques, partner massage and partner stretches.

Postnatal yoga

  • Guidelines on a gentle home programme during the first 6 weeks after the birth of the baby  


  • Practical assessment will be ongoing. There will be guided practical teaching exercises at every stage of the course with tutors observing and providing feedback.


1. Design 3 lesson plans 

2. A case study 

30 CPD points Teaching skills (Professional development) 


On successful completion of the course you will be awarded a postgraduate certificate in teaching Dru prenatal yoga.

Dates: Module 1: 6 -8 May 2022

            Module 2: 25-27 November 2022

Total course fee: $890

For more information please contact Dru Post Graduate Yoga teacher, Julie Beynon at juliebeynon@optusnet.com.au or 0401 835 462

or Patricia Brown at patricia@dru.com.au or 0401 002 814 or

Dru Australia office:

Ph: 02 6161 1462

Email: info@dru.com.au



Friday, May 6, 2022 - 09:30
Sunday, May 8, 2022 - 16:30
Testimonial default avatar image
Occupational beauty therapist, Worcestershire

Dru Yoga is like an onion, peeling the layers to discover who you are and want to be!

It’s like a spider's web - you can delve into so many facets of physical practice, to the food you eat, to your emotional well-being. All ending in the an amazing feeling of well-being.

avatar flowers
The Spirituality of Yoga course has been a beautiful sacred experience, a sanctuary and a deeply nourishing space to take my journey into spirituality onwards and upwards. I have loved it all and have reached depths and heights in terms of understanding, insights and wisdom. Thanks from a grateful heart to all the team - the variety of teaching input has added considerable breadth to my knowledge and given practical tools to build and develop my Self. Loving appreciation to Lalita for hosting our supportive, inspiring zoom group. Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all of you beautiful people.
avatar calm sky and sea
Dru Teacher, Stone

It has deepened my practice and has also given me ideas about the way I practice; the notes of freedom. Ever since taking the course, I have really begun to understand some elements of myself that I knew I needed to work on – I suppose I have become more aware.
In many ways, the course encouraged me to develop and think about key words to use in class and to incorporate more than just the ‘physical experience of yoga’.

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