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Aus DY21 Level 2 Dru Yoga Online Teacher Training

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25 February, 2023
(Registration open till 25 Feb)


A deeper dive continuing your Transformative Yoga Teacher Training

For those who have completed Level 1 in 2021 and also for Dru Yoga Teacher Training Graduates to refresh and repeat by diving again into the second half of your Dru Yoga Teacher Training.  Experience it from a whole new perspective at 50% of normal cost



Awaken that part of you that cannot be shaken from peace and tranquility - this is the essence of Dru Yoga

Take your next step to go deeper into your transformative Dru journey. We have a golden pathway for you to enjoy Level 2 together deepening the wonderful connections you have established with your fellow students.  We even have the opportunity to come together for a final 4 day module at the end of the course and celebrate graduation together in person!

On this course you’ll continue to grow your confidence and refine your teaching skills to professionally share the tools you’ve mastered and be supported as you plan and teach your Dru Yoga.

Continue your pathway journeying with a global community who are literally transforming the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves!

On the course we will explore more

  • Energy Block Release sequences to take you further into the subtle realms of your consciousness;
  • Yoga Sequences for you to share with your students;
    as well as the gift of
  • Sacred sequences that are just for you!

We will explore the application of Anatomy & Physiology in assisting you to become confident working with pre-natal women, people with disabilities, mental health issues and back pain as well as setting the foundations of post graduate specialisation for your onward Dru Journey. 

Previous DYTT  Graduates and Students who have not yet graduated

Our DYTT course has evolved greatly over the years and especially in the last couple of years. We often hear graduating students say they would love to repeat the course again to soak it in more deeply.  So we are offering you exactly that!!....the chance to re-immerse yourself in the Dru transformative experience you know so well and connect again with the light of your radiant Self. 

Full graduates can undertake this course for $1650, half the normal cost.   The bonus is you don't have to do the home study component as a graduate. 

As a graduate this course will provide you with 30 CPD points.

For those who have not graduated but completed the course (or close to it) and wish to graduate by undertaking this course please contact us to determine the cost of your course. This is dependent upon what outstanding requirements you need to complete. 

We would love to see you!


The course structure

This is a 150 hour training course run online over 9 months with 12 days live online and 4 days face to face in person.

The course starts at the end of February 2023 and concludes in October 2023

You will attend 6 live online 2 day weekend programs run 4 - 6 weeks apart and one final 4 day face to face module in Canberra in October. 

If you are unable to travel to Canberra there will be a "hybrid option" to zoom into the face to face module. 


Home Study and Practice:

  • Practise what you learn each module by following a home practice schedule and keeping reflective journal
  • Use your reflective journal to submit reflective assignments on your practices similar to Level 1.
  • Write a Philosophy Assignment by choosing one of the aspects yogic philosophy presented and reflect on how it relates to your life. 
  • Take lesson planning to the next step by producing a 6 - 8 week program of yoga classes with a theme. We ask you to teach that program to a group of students and write a reflection on your experience. 

With over 40 years experience training people just like you to become Dru Yoga teachers you will experience the greatest support to reach your highest ambition and perhaps even beyond it!

The Results

  • Empower more of your capacity to love
  • Further explore your Dharma (purpose) and let it shine
  • Connect with nature in a more meaningful and healing way
  • Work alongside health professionals, self-development coaches and education departments in corporate and community settings.
  • Open doors to extensive postgraduate training designed by experts to enable you to specialise and grow.
  • Continue to develop long-term friendships with our multi-disciplinary team of teachers who combine the best of Western science with the best of ancient wisdom.
  • Delve deeper into a world of philosophy, spirituality, self-empowerment and service that makes meaningful change in the world.

Deepen friendships with vibrant souls continuing a journey of being exquisite change-makers for the planet!

Syllabus - Going deeper with

  • Classical Asana
  • Activation and body preparations
  • Dru Yoga sequences
  • Home Practice schedule
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pranayama
  • Dru Meditation techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Subtle anatomy
  • Teaching skills and practice
  • Yoga term program planning and teaching

Student support services

  • Mentoring services – 1 to 1, small groups, with senior tutors and local teachers (included) + advanced mentoring programs available with senior tutors
  • Free access to our Online Studio and Learning Hub continues through to completion of course, + discount membership post-course (access to classes, challenges, podcasts and info sessions including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, health, philosophy, inspiration, goal setting and more)
  • Level 2 Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course Manuals


A Global Dru Community Network

  • Continue access to Private social media group for the course group
  • Access to Australasian and International communities of Dru Yogis with local face-to-face and online events all year round
  • Extensive CPD programs, spiritual development courses and supported career pathways
  • World Peace Flame Foundation - our Humanitarian sister organisation focused on peace education, health and grass roots community programs
  • Dru Professional Network - tips, support and connection for Dru Teachers




Course dates for 2023 


Weekend - live online program

Final Face to Face 4 day module in Canberra







25 -26th Feb 23

1-2nd April 23

6-7th May 23

17-18 June 23

22-23 July 23

2 - 3 September


5 - 8 October 23

Option to zoom in if it is not feasible for you to attend face to face





Your Investment to become a transformative Dru Yoga Teacher

Choose from a monthly payment plan or $3300 full course payment up front 

Registration fee $300 (payable at time of enrolment, secures your position on the course. It is included in the total course fees)

Dru Australia charges $200 administration and withdrawal fee if you withdraw from the course prior to completion. 

For those DYTT graduates doing a refresh:

Choose from a monthly payment plan or $1650 full course payment up front.

If choosing the monthly payment plan a $300 registration fee is required

Monthly Payment Schedule

8 Month Schedule

Starts March 2023 & finishes October 2023

Payment Per Month

$375 X 8 mth

= $3000

+ $300

 Registration fee


Course Total





Graduates doing the course as a refresh

8 Month Schedule

Starts March 2023 & finishes October 2023

Payment Per Month

$168.75 X 8 mth

= $1350

+ $300

 Registration fee


Course Total





For those choosing monthly payments you will be sent an email closer to the course start date to set up monthly payments.


Saturday, February 25, 2023 - 00:00
Sunday, October 8, 2023 - 00:00
avatar leaf
Physiotherapist, Guisborough
It is opening my eyes to the world around me. I feel as though I’m no longer sleep walking through my life

Masterclass - Dive into Yoga's Spiritual Depth

Just loved this! 
Spoke to my heart - feel totally cocooned and protected in beautiful heart felt energy.
Please keep them coming.

avatar leaf
Solicitor, Manchester

I feel much calmer and stronger than ever before and love that I now have a gift to share.

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