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Ayurveda Health Coach Diploma AUS Sept 2021

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12 September, 2021
(Registration open till 30 Sep)

This Diploma course is ONLY open to graduates of Dru Foundations of Ayurveda or Dru Ayurveda Certificate Course

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This diploma course qualifies you as a Dru Ayurvedic health coach.
Promote health and wellbeing from an Ayurvedic perspective—by giving individual consultations and treatment advice to clients on diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, herbs, spices and Ayurvedic therapies according to their specific constitutions or imbalances.

  • Offer seminars, workshops and presentations to groups
  • Develop your own private practice
  • Add knowledge of Ayurveda to your current list of therapies
  • Work alongside other health professionals in an integrated therapy clinic
  • Know your professional capacity—when to treat and when to hand on to the medical or other health professions.


‘For me, this training was such a rare opportunity and one of the most valuable investments I have made.  Whether one chooses to incorporate this learning into their practice or to treat themselves to the possibility of greater health, happiness, and longevity, it is impossible for life not to be enriched through this wisdom.‘  Janice Styles, Dru Ayurveda Health Coach, and yoga teacher


Dr Donn Brennan, MB BCh BAO, MRCGP, MScAyu

Donn Brennan is the founding member of the Ayurveda Practitioners Association in the United Kingdom, which is the representative body of Ayurvedic practitioners and is currently assisting the government on proposals to regulate standards and practice in the UK.  He is also the Director of the European Herbal Practitioners Association.

Donn says;

” ... so listen to them and follow their advice, they are guiding you to a better life.!”



Frani Wilde

Physiotherapist, Australia





Vicky Copeman

Physiotherapist, Yorkshire




Course syllabus

Please see the tabs below for details of the syllabus.

Course structure  

A blended learning course with a mixture of: live zoom sessions at Australian friendly time with the UK tutors, online pre-recorded sessions, 6 comprehensive fully-illustrated manuals, interactive zoom tutorials with the Australian tutors and face-to-face practical teaching sessions (COVID restrictions allowing). 

For more information 


Price & Booking

This Diploma course is ONLY open to graduates of the pre-requisite Dru Foundations of Ayurveda or Dru Ayurveda Certificate Course, or equivalent Foundation course

Registration Fee $AUD 450.00

Please click the BOOK NOW button on the right to secure your place on this course and then follow the instructions to set up your 'Course payments'.

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Course fees

The balance can either be paid in one payment of $AUD 3,440.00

or can be spread over 10 monthly payments of $AUD 344.00

How to set up your balance payments

  • Click the Book now button to pay your registration fee
  • You will then be taken through the steps to set up your one-off or monthly payments
  • You will also be requested to agree to the Ayurveda Diploma Terms & Conditions

Assessment fee

There is an additional assessment fee of $AUD 160, which is due before the assessment date. 
We will give you more details on how to pay this nearer to the end of the course.


Sunday, September 12, 2021 - 20:00
Sunday, July 24, 2022 - 17:00
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Totnes, Devon

The Dru Ayurveda and Yoga workshop. Great simple demonstration of how to use spices in ayurvedic cooking - delicious results and an inspiring, mouth-watering day.


Dru Ayurveda & Yoga workshop:- A thoroughly enjoyable day, enlightening me to how I can work on my health and happiness with minimal effort - great for a kapha type!

avatar butterfly on clover

Keith was such an inspiration with his delicious dishes and I felt very nourished by our shared meal. I especially enjoyed the creamed carrots and will definitely be making it for my family. I was also reminded that it's not just about the cooking and that putting love and intent into it is what makes a real difference.

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