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Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga 2024 Australasia

29 June, 2024
(Registration open till 28 Jun)

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were not so tired and had more motivation to dive into the fullness of your amazing life?

Would you like to wake up with enthusiasm and drive to take action to make the best choices for yourself consistently through the day?

Whilst some variation in our energy levels throughout the day are a normal and healthy part of our daily rhythm, most of us find on any given day we have concerningly limited periods of feeling energised and motivated to engage in activities at our optimum level. 

What if you could optimise your energy and have more consistent levels of energy throughout your day?

Imagine directly experiencing prana as the driving power that moves everything inside and around you!!  Who would you be if you were able to fully harness that vital force?

Our upcoming Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga Course helps you take a deep dive into the pranamaya kosha, our layer of subtle energy that links mind with body. In 3 weekends, you'll explore from a different perspective Dru's unique Energy Block Release and Energy sequences as well as exploring asanas-as-sequence.

Enjoy an engaging experience that not only enhances your skills but also unlocks limitless possibilities.

You'll begin a magical adventure into the field of our subtle energy and learn how to experience and then move prana itself, the force that conducts the thread of consciousness through all layers of awareness. You will master NEW specific techniques applied to familiar sequences and postures. 

You'll discover - or re-discover in a new way -  the keys to Dru's remarkable ability to transform emotions into positive and redesign your mind... and therefore your life!


Who is this course for?  Anyone wanting to continue your journey of profound transformation with like minded (and like hearted!!) people

  • Any Dru Graduates - come and explore a new way of experiencing well loved postures and sequences through a different lense
  • All graduates of 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training in any tradition
  • Anyone who is a keen regular practitioner of yoga over the years. 

Whether you are a yoga teacher aiming to enhance your student's wellbeing or wish to take your own practise deeper, this course unveils pathways to profound change. 

And it's a superb way to connect with Dru's deep wisdom in working with energy if you are a practitioner or teacher from any other tradition, we would love to journey with you.



Not sure if the course is for you?



1. FREE Online Taster Class Recording from 29th April

E-mail Julie Beynon to request a link to your FREE online taster class recording


2. Sydney Yoga Day Festival - In person 19th May.  Get 20% Discount 

Enjoy a Subtle Energetics taster class with Ruth Gent & Angela Baker along with many other yoga classes from all traditions

Use the code DRU20 to pay $36 instead of $45 for the day. Prices will rise to $55 after first release tickets are gone

BOOK HERE for 20% Discount


3. Adelaide Subtle Energetics In Person Taster Afternoon

Sat 25th May 1.30 - 4.30pm in Marion with Ruth Gent



4. Brisbane "Harness Your Subtle Energy" Workshop In Person

Sun 9th June 10am - 3.30pm with Noelene Francis



5. New Zealand  Subtle Energetics In person Taster Morning 

Sunday 9th June 10am - 1.30pm 9th Upper Moutere with Sue Cleaver



And the beauty is, you are not alone on this sacred journey. This course is designed to connect you with a supportive community, all driven by the pursuit of positive change.  Forge new connections, regardless of distance and be part of a group that elevates themselves and those they serve though the power Prana. 

Engage with tutors and peers in wonderfully explorative discussions where you will delight in new realisations and learn how to apply them practically. 

So let’s embark on this journey together.

In this course we will: 

  • discover the hidden sophistication of energy flow
  • focus on the subtle energy sequences that direct your prana through the five koshas (these sequences were previously known as EBRs 4, 5 and 6 in the Dru tradition)
  • enhance your asana practice and asana teaching through pranic awareness
  • explore what it practically means to move energy and to move with energy, using yogic scriptures as a reference 
  • explore the qualities and application of the five living forces of prana, the panch prana vayus 

Sessions will be recorded and downloadable materials will be available on our Dru Learning Hub.

There is no homestudy or assignments, simply enjoy the experience and we encourage you all to keep a reflective journal to enhance your experience.

The exception being those 200Hr teachers wanting to receive a 50Hr certificate to count towards their 150Hr Level 1 or 500 Hr level 2 Teacher with YA. We have an enjoyable reflective assignments for you

This course is an Approved Continuing Professional Development course with Yoga Australia. 

What does the course include?
•    30 hours of live online teaching. 3 weekends over 11 weeks
•    Access to course materials including replays on the Dru Learning Hub
•    Access to a course community through the Dru Learning Hub, so you can easily exchange experiences with your fellow students

What will you take away?
•    In-depth understanding and experience of Energy Block Releases 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Dru Energy Sequences formerly known as Energy Block Release 4, 5 and 6.
•    Understanding of the self-healing potential of the body-mind system through balancing and engaging the Pancha Prana Vayus.
•    Skilful integration of the fullness of the  pranic experience in your asana practice.

How will it help you?
•    This course will give you the tools and confidence to teach classes that give a deeper experience of the pranamaya kosha. Your students will love it!
•    And… you’ll feel more energised and motivated as a result of working with the pranamaya kosha. After all… it’s the energy layer!

The hours of this course can count towards your 350 or 500 hour Dru Yoga Teacher Training with Dru and/or  Level1 or 2  Teacher with Yoga Australia.

Sessions will be recorded and downloadable materials will be available on our Dru Learning Hub,

You will receive 30 professional CPD points for Dru Professional Network 

Course Fees


You can pay up front in full - $1130

OR Pay in instalments:

Registration $350 then 2 subsequent monthly payments of $390

Once we have received your registration fee, closer to the course start date we will provide you with a link to set up the other 2 monthly payments in July and August


Please note when making your payment you may notice a pound sign at the point of checkout. Please be assured that your payment does go through in AUS DOLLARS not pounds.

It is a limitation of the system that we cannot change the pound sign to a dollar sign.  Thanks for your understanding

Cancellation policy

If you cancel before the start of the course,  your registration fee is refunded minus an administration fee of $120.

Any cancellations during the course, you will be charged course fees at a pro-rata rate in addition to the $120 administration fee. 


Do you have any questions? Please contact the Dru Office

PH:  02 6161 1462



Saturday, June 29, 2024 - 09:00
Sunday, August 25, 2024 - 16:30
Yvonne Radcliffe, staff nurse, Port Talbot
Staff Nurse, Port Talbot

I learned so much in my first module of the teacher training about Dru Yoga. I love the graceful, flowing movements and the way my body feels after a Dru yoga session. It is very different from any other style of yoga I have ever done. Your body feels more flexible and energised and your mind feels calm and relaxed. I loved every aspect of the course. It was well delivered with a good mix of theory and practical sessions each day. The books given as part of the course are excellent.

Avatar blue sky and cloud
Dru Yoga teacher, Calstock, Cornwall

What I enjoyed the most was learning the beautiful EBR 8.


The Spirituality of Yoga course was very thought provoking and helpful. I think this will help me a lot as a teacher and also with my personal yoga practice. 

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