Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda + Spirituality of Yoga and Ayurveda

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11 August, 2019
(Registration open till 12 Aug)

Two fantastic Ayurveda and Dru Yoga workshops to enjoy!

Come to both or make it a day out

Therapeutic Yoga & Ayurveda

With international Dru tutors Julie Beynon and Astoria Barr 

9.30am to 12.30pm

Learn to use Ayurveda and Dru Yoga for health & healing

Dru Yoga and Ayurveda can both be used as potent tools to bring balance into bodies that experience dis-ease or ill health.
Discover how on this introductory workshop:

  • investigate the health benefits of therapeutic yoga
  • discover your unique constitution—dosha
  • learn how to adapt your yoga to make a significant healing impact physically, mentally and emotionally
  • boost your health with Ayurveda—the sister science of yoga
  • explore a stepping stone for studying yoga and Ayurveda


Spirituality of Yoga & Ayurveda

With international Dru tutors, Astoria Barr and Julie Beynon

2pm to 5pm 

For those who want to experience the deeper side of yoga

Bring balance and purpose back to your life with Dru Yoga and Ayurveda. On this special workshop you will:

  • investigate the spirituality of yoga
  • deepen your yoga for personal development
  • discover how Ayurveda can give you balance so you can live life to the fullest
  • explore a stepping stone for studying yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda restores the balance you need so that you can get on with the life you want to live.

Yoga used in the right way, can help you to transform into the person you really want to be


These seminars are a great preparation for those considering the Dru Ayurveda Course and / or the Dru Yoga teacher training coming in 2020

Ideal for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike.


Dru Yoga books, DVDs & CDs available for purchase


Dru is a not-for-profit global organisation. Our aim is to:
'Transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves'.

Prices and booking

Morning workshop $50
Morning workshop DPN / Concessions $40 
3 CPD hours


Afternoon workshop $50
Afternoon workshop DPN / Concession $40
3 CPD hours


Discount for all day
2 workshops am & pm $90
2 workshops am & pm DPN / Concession $70 
6 CPD hours


For more information email


Cancellations—If you cancel (because of illness or some other unforeseen circumstance) then we give you the option of transferring the event fee to a future Dru Australia course or event or to the purchase of other Dru Australia services.

If we cancel a Dru workshop, we give you the option of the event fee being reimbursed, or transferring it to a future event.


Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 09:30
Avatar autumn maple leaves

I not only enjoyed it, I loved it! Thank you. It really helped me to feel my core stability muscles. I'm looking forward training them ;-)

avatar dandilion head
Dru Yoga Teacher, UK

If you want to physically strengthen your body and emotionally enhance your mind, Dru Yoga will give you the tools to take into your daily life and help you cope with the stresses of modern living.

avatar calm sky and sea

Thank you, this was lovely. It was great to have your teaching in my home! Great production also - good picture, good sound, easy to fast forward and great that I could see what was happening as I fast forwarded so I knew when to stop. I also like the way Dru Online is bringing us more specific subjects like this one, that before we have only seen in the workbooks. Thank you.

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