Dru founder Chris Barrington in Australia for 2 great events

Chris Barrington Dru Founder in Australia for 2 great events

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Workshops & tasters

1 July, 2017. Canberra
registration open till 8 Jul
9 July, 2017. Beaconsfield
registration open till 9 Jul
28 October, 2017. Canberra
registration open till 27 Oct

Training courses

24 March, 2017. Perth
registration open till 1 Jul
20 July, 2017. Canberra
registration open till 18 Jul
5 April, 2018. Brisbane
registration open till 30 Nov


9 July, 2017. HOUGHTON
registration open till 12 Jul
9 September, 2017. Glenelg

Online classes

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Positive health solutions

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Master stress   Feel happier   Reduce back pain

Live the life you want

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A yoga to enrich your life
and the lives of the people around you

A yoga that everyone can do
 for beginners and the very advanced

for those who like to give back to the world


Dru Yoga online video classes

Dru Yoga Online

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Yoga online - when you want it... where you want it!

Meditation that's comfortable and effective
easy for beginners, remarkable for the advanced

Effortless stillness
... that feels just like 'coming home'

Become a designer of your own life


Coby Langford, Senior Dru teacher trainer

Transform the world
by giving people the tools to transform themselves

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