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Awakening the Heart with EBR 3

Yoga class - Awakening the Heart (EBR 3)

Awakening the Heart with EBR 3

Anita Goswami

Empower your life with mind/body yoga that combines goal setting affirmations with movement. Discover how to boost heart power, balance your emotions and feel more positive.  

Nearly all yoga decreases stress, and increases strength and flexibility. But Dru Yoga also balances your mind and emotions too.

Anita Goswami presents Dru Yoga's powerful Energy Block Release 3 (EBR 3) sequence in this class.

EBR 3 is a powerful sequence targeted at subtle activation of the heart centre as it opens the energy pathways, or nadis, around the heart.

Use it to create space in your life whenever you feel stuck or trapped by your surroundings, job or relationships and to help you create the life you really want.

Dru’s gentle but unique EBR movements subtly work the muscles and joints, releasing stuck energy so it can flow freely through the body and back out into the world. Allow yourself to detox at every level and pave the way for self-transformation.

Try this remarkable Dru Yoga programme when you want to feel warmly confident, charged up with energy and enthusiastic.

You can enjoy its benefits whatever your age or level of fitness. Includes:

  • Activation

  • Energy Block Release 3 sequence

  • Half Sitting Twist yoga position     

  • The Gesture of Compassion

  • A satisfyingly deep relaxation

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