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Chakra Dharanam - Part 1

Meditation class- Chakra dharanam Part 1 cd

Chakra Dharanam - Part 1

Chris Barrington

Since ancient times, people have used chakra meditation, concentration [dharanam] and visualisation to unlock their hidden potential.

On Chakra Dharanam, internationally renowned teacher Chris Barrington will lead you through a two-part program that can transfigure yourself and your life.

Chakras direct the flow of cosmic energy through the human body, influencing every level of our being. It is through these elusive and mystical regions of consciousness that we shape our experience of the world.

We can access and influence these vast universes of potential at specific places along the spine called kshetram points.

Charka Dharanam teaches you to master the art of dharanam (concentration) on these kshetram points, so that you can tune into the current state of each chakra.

Learn simple techniques to balance your chakras and return yourself to optimal function and harmony. This will help you to shape a more successful life at all levels.

The Dru Chakra Dharanam program guides you to explore your chakras through movement, pranayama (breath awareness), kriyas; and the power of awareness, visualisation and breath, helping you bring balance to each chakra and therefore to your life.

Part one presents Dru Meditation's approach to the first 4 chakras, featuring outstanding preparatory movement and breathing techniques. Build strength, purpose and confidence while gently but effectively release old emotional hurts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body awareness and movement
  3. Breath awareness and expansion
  4. Spinal Breathing
  5. Chakra Rainbow Kriya
  6. Turning of the Wheel
  7. Ajna Centering
  8. Ajna Centering cont..
  9. Mooladhara Dharanam
  10. Svadisthana Dharanam
  11. Manipura Dharanam
  12. Anahata Dharanam
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