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Clarity and Creativity with EBR 5

Yoga Class - Clarity and Creativity (EBR5)

Clarity and Creativity with EBR 5

Lalita Doerstel

Clear your vision, boost your creativity and get clarity on your life direction with this gentle Dru Yoga class.
Dru’s gentle Energy Block Release (EBR) movements subtly work the muscles and joints, releasing stuck energy and allowing it to flow freely through the body, and back out into the world.

They assist with detoxification at every level, paving the way for self-transformation.

Harness the power of EBR 5 to help you clear your vision so you can see your goal in life clearly. The sequence’s natural flow of rhythmical movement helps you let go of deeply entrenched emotional patterns that can stop you moving forward.

EBR 5, the “EBR for clearing your pathway to change,” is particularly good for dissipating the effects of a busy day, a long meeting or that persistent sense of being badly over-extended.

Harness the power of this sequence to feel enthusiastic and balanced. The sequence’s three distinct sections each have a particular function and effect.

  • Expanding the subtle body
  • Clearing the chakras
  • Embracing change


  • The Rotating Triangle yoga pose      
  • The Gesture of Letting Go 
  • A soothing deep relaxation


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