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Easing Back Pain

Yoga Class - Easing back pain

Easing Back Pain

Mansukh Patel & Coby Langford

Two of Dru Yoga’s most experienced teachers offer you highly effective 15-20 minute daily exercise programmes to ease and take control of your back pain in less than 6 weeks.

In Dru yoga gentle poses are held for only short periods of time. As muscles are flexed and gently stretched, the body learns how to let go of habitual tension and the muscles and joints become stronger and more flexible.

Dru also uses other techniques to release mental and emotional blocks that can translate into physical pain.

70%-90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives and 10% will experience significant disability as a result. Back pain disrupts quality of life and imposes enormous community costs.

Yoga is proven to heal sore and injured back muscles, reduce recovery time, prevent re-injury and cut the risk of pain becoming disability, where pain is due to injury or non-organic causes.

A Dru yoga survey in 2005 showed more 84% of practitioners were able to lessen their back pain, with 44% experiencing a strong improvement.

Up to 90% of participants also noticed their joints and spines becoming more flexible and stronger — magic ingredients for ongoing back care.

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