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Window of Wisdom 10 recordings 11 - 20

Window of Wisdom 10 recordings 11 - 20

Window of Wisdom with Patricia Brown

"Come sit with me... and let's look through the Window of Wisdom... Who knows what the landscape will be? It is our adventure to discover it together"

While you are in the comfort of your home, take 20mins to be with Patricia in her series of Window of Wisdom talks. At each session she will give you a key teaching that can empower you during these unique and challenging times.

Dru Wisdom events are an opportunity to transform the way you live your day through the guiding philosophy and science of the yoga and meditation traditions. Learn more about creating a calm and steady mind or a powerful self-belief, how to avoid old patterns or why you react when you want to respond! Like road maps for life to help guide you to the best version of yourself, "A-Ha" moments are a certainty!

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