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A Journey to Peace Through Yoga 2nd Edition

A Journey to Peace through Yoga

A Journey to Peace Through Yoga 2nd Edition

Lynnette Dickinson

An inspiring story of self-discovery, this book is about how to transform our experience of life, regardless of circumstances.

A Journey to Peace Through Yoga tells the story of Lynnette Dickinson and her journey through near bankruptcy, relationship breakdown, house fire, migration to the UK, teaching in an inner-city school in Bristol, her father's death and finally her descent into MS and a wheelchair.

This is a true story of a woman's journey through Multiple Sclerosis, using the power of her mind and the tools of yoga and meditation to manage the symptoms and associated stress of MS.  

Lynnette's journey to peace is but a spark of the potential we all have to find greater peace and harmony in our lives: it gives a clear and logical explanation of how anyone can realise their full and unlimited potential.


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