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Awaken Book and Card set

Awaken Book and Card set

Meditate, live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine! - BUDDHA

Have you ever asked the questions..

Who am I? Where is my power? Why am I feeling anxious? What is my purpose and how do I remember it? What is my Higher Self and how do I connect with it?

Gini Eagles recently released book will help you answer these questions and many others in a simple and user friendly way. It is beautifully illustrated to enhance the messages.

It will help you uncover more inner peace and wellbeing. Awaken gives you guidance and self help tools. It is a fascinating story of a journey of awakening from depression to de - light through self healing. 

Awaken includes simple wisdom and supporting evidence from Dru Yoga leaders and others on the journey to empowerment. 22 practices are included to aid you in further understanding the self.

Gini Eagle has been on the road to self-discovery for 25 years learning and teaching through Reiki, Dru yoga, shamanism, equine therapy and community social work.

Gini Eagle has poured her heart, soul and authentic ancient wisdom into this brilliant guide book. You will be encouraged by her gentle genuine voice. Every single chapter contains key guidance concepts, real life stories, self-empowering practices to help you connect to your higher self and pure affirmations to bring it in. Whether it be the concept of energy blocks, universal laws or mastering your mind, you will find yourself wanting to read it and explore again and again. This is much more than a simple guidebook, its a shining testament to live by.- JACQUI, TEACHER

" I am finding your book brilliantly interesting it has such a nice flow and it is a wonderful reminder of who I truly am. Your book came at such a perfect time. It is written in such a pure style that it is easy to follow and understand and take in what needs to be taken in. There is such joy on each page, no matter what the topic is and that joy for me is represented in these adorable love heart people who are carrying the messages." Antonia

Gini has also created a set of Empowerment Cards to accompany her book Awaken.

They are proving to be very popular for a simple gift by themselves or as a set with the book.

This superbly illustrated 22 card deck and booklet hold the energy of a wealth of experience about how to access your inner peace/power. Each card has an affirmation designed to remind you to listen to what your intuition is prompting you to focus on. The wisdom and self help practices in the booklet are invaluable, if you are looking to gain more self awareness, wellbeing and trust in yourself and the universe.


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