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Body Heart Mind

Body Heart Mind

Body Heart Mind

Mansukh Patel, Paulette Agnew

The Body Heart Mind Yoga DVD takes you through a 20 minute warm-up programme that will activate your body, support your back and help you to let go of burdens, preparing you for a deeper experience of the Dru body heart mind techniques as developed through our extensive de-traum work in crisis zones and with cancer patients. 

Content and practices

Part 1 Warm up activations

Part 2 Sequences

  1. Heavenly river - sharpen your awareness
  2. Kavacha - feel strong and boost your immunity
  3. Heaven and earth - balance hormones
  4. Sacral-lumbar release - dissolve fear
  5. Reverence to the earth - develop purpose
  6. Swimming fish - detox and find flexibility
  7. Golden eagle - enhance enthusiasm and zest for life

Running time: 60mins

Filmed in Africa's Great Rift Valley
DVD - Pal 4:3 format

Running time: