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Dru Meditation Teacher Training - AUS

Dru Meditation teacher training

The Dru Meditation teacher training course is one of Australia's most comprehensive meditation training courses. Whether you want to teach meditation or just learn to meditate effortlessly for yourself, Dru Meditation teacher training will bring you much more than relaxation and deep peace.

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Janet Scharbow, Dru CEO, speaks to graduates about the Dru Meditation course and leads a physical kosha meditation


‘The Dru Meditation teacher training course gave me the stillness I needed but never thought possible to achieve. 
I feel more alive in my skin, more awake in my energy, more calm in my emotions and more empowered in my thoughts.’

On this course we emphasise the science of meditation, showing how to bring your awareness from the physical body through to the deepest layers of your being.

You'll discover how to become the master of your mind and emotions so that you can enter meditation quickly and effortlessly.

You'll explore how to perceive the energetic state of a group, and choose appropriate techniques to optimise their energy, relaxation and meditation.

You’ll also learn how to access your individual and universal life-force, helping you to generate a plentiful source of internal energy reserves. We teach you how to use the power of vibration and mantra to achieve a deep understanding of your place in the world and, above all we show you how to pass on this experience to others too!

Our current course is in Brisbane

We'll soon decide where the next course will be... contact our office for more info.

Dru Meditation class

Mouli Mackenzie

Dru meditation teacher trainer, with class

Amongst other things, you will learn:

  • structuring and planning meditation classes
  • potent Dru prana kriyas, pranayama, mudra and visualisation techniques
  • meditations for each layer of experience, or 'kosha'
  • a deep understanding of subtle energy
  • profound abilities to manage classroom and group energetics
  • meditative prayer and contemplation techniques
  • chanting/singing and mantra meditation
  • meditation for healing the body and the earth

Dru meditation - Radha Patel meditating

Radha Patel

Dru Yoga teacher

Course structure

The course consists of seven four day modules in just over two years.

Each module takes you progressively through the five layers of experience (koshas).

You will develop a regular meditation practice and will be given detailed guidelines for optimising your personal experience of meditation.

You will explore methods for teaching a wide range of meditation techniques, how to manage classroom energetics and how to understand students' meditation experiences, and you will practice teaching your fellow students through the senior modules of the course.

If you are choosing to do the course for your own personal development, without any intention of becoming a teacher, you will find our teaching practice sessions to be supportive, friendly and invaluable for your own mastery of the techniques.

In addition to becoming an effective meditation teacher, you will:
•    discover how to relax at will and be in charge of your mind
•    create more success in your life through the use of specific meditation techniques
•    live in tune with your natural rhythm and master your emotions
•    enhance your personal and spiritual development
•    manifest your personal goals
•    develop harmony in yourself and your relationships
•    understand the benefits of meditation in the workplace

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