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Dru Yoga Teacher Training course format

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Dru Yoga teacher training courses are usually non-residential and run for 2.5 to 3 years. Most of our courses consist of 9 x 4-day modules. In Sydney, our current course is in a single day format.


Here in Australasia you can do the Dru Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Albury Wodonga, Canberra and New Zealand.


Here in Australasia you can do the Dru Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Brisbane, 
Adelaide, Melbourne, 
Perth, Albury Wodonga, Canberra
and New Zealand


Discover Dru's powerful and unique style of yoga


  • Potent Energy Block Release sequences
  • Peaceful, classical yoga postures
  • Flowing yoga sequences
  • Healing pranayama (the science of breath)
  • Empowering mudras (hand gestures)



Dru yoga - Salututation to the four directions

Salutation to the 4 Directions

Outside in nature

Go deeper with Dru

With Dru training you also get:

  • a comprehensive meditation course
  • Dru’s in-depth knowledge of the body-energy system and how to teach so you simultaneously transform body, subtle energy, emotions and mind.
  • the essential foundations of Dru Yoga
  • body preps, postures and alignment
  • core stability in depth
  • dynamic flowing sequences of postures
  • fundamental energetic principles
  • mantra, mudra and yogic philosophy
  • anatomy and physiologyAll of this is clearly explained and illustrated in sixteen accompanying course manuals.

For the Dru Yoga teacher training course format including the yoga course content, the Dru teacher training qualification and continuing professional development please download the Dru Yoga teacher training prospectus (pdf 2.55MB).


Love the sound of our course format?

It's tried and true! Join the growing community of students and graduates all over the world who are a testament to this.


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