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Dru Yoga teacher training

Looking for a yoga course? Dru Yoga is one of the fastest growing yoga schools in Australia.

We train highly qualified and empowered Dru Yoga teachers.

Yoga has also become one of the main transformational tools of our time.  So why join the Dru Yoga course? Because becoming a yoga teacher is a great career move! Interest in Dru Yoga has been growing in Australia over the last decade which has led to a demand for qualified Dru Yoga instructors.

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Lynda Binks, Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

Lynda Binks

Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Want to do Dru Yoga just for yourself? That's ok!

The Dru Yoga teacher training course is much more than just a teaching qualification.  You can use the training to propel your own personal development. 

Hundreds of people do the Dru Yoga course just for themselves. As our students discover, the Dru Yoga teacher training course is also about YOU, helping you discover the real YOU inside. Whether you choose to do the Dru Yoga course to learn to teach, or because YOU want to get more out of life, the course is for you!

The Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you - and the people around you - achieve body-mind wellbeing with ease.


Alina Hughes and Shakti McLaren, Dru Yoga Teacher Trainers

Alina Hughes and Shakti McLaren

Dru Yoga teacher trainers

Is it for me?

Do you want to teach yoga? Be the best!
Choosing the right yoga school to train with is a big decision which will help influence your entire career as a yoga teacher. Here at Dru, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality yoga teacher training. You will experience the depth of the yoga tuition from our very experienced Dru tutors in the yoga courses, but you will also gain from their empathic approach to learning the necessary teaching skills. You will fly through the Dru Yoga teacher training course having had a really great time but with so much more!

Anyone can do Dru whether for personal or professional development. Dru is tailored for modern living yet it is firmly rooted in rich ancient yogic tradition.  Dru’s flowing style is suitable for all ages and body shapes.

Once you've started training to be a yoga class instructor, you'll find that Dru Yoga's benefits are far-reaching. A daily Dru Yoga practice can increase your energy levels - helping you to feel more relaxed and better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. It can help relieve back pain and improve your mood - each Dru Yoga position and sequence has huge benefits.


Make a living loving what you do

Jane Saraswati Clapham, Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer with class

Jane Saraswati Clapham

Dru Yoga teacher trainer with class

Premier league footballers are now practising daily yoga - who is teaching them? It could be you! You could:

  • teach stress management in business. Some yoga teachers in America now earn as much as lawyers!! (Sunday Times, May 2007) 
  • how about developing your own unique business niche
  • teaching stress management in business
  • train professional sports people in injury-prevention
  • specialise in the field of therapeutic yoga, working alongside osteopaths and other medics in private practice
  • supplement your income selling Dru products – set up a shop if you like!

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Teaching classes is just the beginning

For the Dru Yoga teacher training course format including the yoga course content, Dru teacher training qualification and continuing professional development please download the Dru Yoga teacher training course prospectus (pdf 2.5MB).


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