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The name Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words 'ayur' meaning life and 'veda' meaning knowledge. In a broad sense, it means knowing how to maintain a long and healthy life. Ayurveda's holistic and integrated approach can help you to reconnect with your original nature—naturally healthy, resilient and energised.

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‘Dru Yoga reduced stress and back pain in 75 government workers, key factors in sickness absence.’
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Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga and can help you improve your overall health. In our busy world we have lost our connection with natural rhythms. Our working day now flows into the night with the increase use of electronic devices, as we travel across time zones at high speed. Ayurveda provides the tools to help you manage these ever-changing, ever-moving lifestyles. You can optimise your health and wellbeing on every level.

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Apply the vast benefits of practical Ayurveda into your daily habits

Ayurveda recognises that, for true health, it is just as important to help you realise your inner nature or your authentic self, as well as eat correctly and follow an appropriate lifestyle.

‘Dis-ease’ in your body or mind can also be caused by not fulfilling your purpose in life, or achieving your goals or following your passions.

Reduce Stress, Worry and Fatigue
Maintain a Healthy Weight
Re-Balance Your Hormones
Minimise Inflammation
Reduce Symptoms of Disease
Cleanse and Detox the Body
Help Overcome Insomnia
Reduce Bloating and Constipation
Strengthen Your Immunity
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Learn how to maintain a high level of health and manage disease

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Discover how simple changes can radically uplift and improve your whole life experience. Everything outside of us affects what goes on inside: the food we eat, the supplements we take, the seasons, the environment, the type of exercise we do and the therapies we receive.

All of these influences have a particular type of impact on our body, mind and emotions.  As you understand yourself better, you will notice how your health, relationships and quality of life improves.

Blending ancient wisdom with modern science to promote balanced living


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Natural methods to help you live a long and healthy life

Learn how to apply the vast benefits of practical Ayurveda into your daily habits so that your digestion improves, your mind clears, you avoid burnout and your charisma shines.

You can begin with the Ayurveda eCourse or an Ayurveda Masterclass or Retreat@home to acquire a taste for the topic.
If you’d like more depth, then the Ayurveda Immersion or Foundation Course provide a direct experience and learning of topics such as cookery and self-massage. They also lead naturally to the Ayurveda Health Coach Diploma Course.

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Ayurveda Foundation Course

Immerse yourself in Ayurveda. Learn health-enhancing principles that you can easily apply to your life.  This course will give you the tools to create an optimum diet and lifestyle unique to your individual make-up, promoting excellent health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda Health Coach Diploma

Work alongside other health professionals by offering individual consultations and treatment advice to clients. Learn how to tailor diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, herbs, spices and Ayurvedic remedies and therapies according to their specific constitutions or imbalances.

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Promote health & well-being from an Ayurvedic perspective.

  • Develop your own private practice
  • Add knowledge of Ayurveda to your current list of therapies
  • Work alongside other health professionals in an integrated therapy clinic
  • Know your professional capacity – when to treat and when to hand on to the medical or other health professionals.

"What we have learned in just a few days can certainly transform our lives! I’m inspired and empowered to implement this healing science."

Sheila Roberts

Try Dru Ayurveda and say Goodbye to Brain Fog

Have you always wanted to feel in control, fully in your power and have a unique understanding of yourself and how you connect with the world around you? Ayurveda helps you make sense of yourself—to understand your original nature so that you can heal and revitalise your body, mind and emotions.

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Ayurveda materials to get you started with your health

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Certificate Course
16 November 2024

Ayurveda Foundation Course

A clear and concise course providing an in-depth working knowledge of Ayurveda which you can easily apply to your life to stay healthy, calm, and balanced in this 21st-century world.