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Wishing every one of our amazing DYTTSW team a magnificent Christmas!  May 2021 bring you peace in your hearts.

On behalf of Dru, we wanted to give you something that would fill your hearts and minds with light and joy.  We hope you will find this beautiful collection of songs by some of the senior Dru community will do just that.  Some of our well-loved songs in there: gayatri, shanti path and more.  


Quiet times - a gift for you


Quiet Times is Chris Barrington's tour-de-force of preparation for meditation. 

It aims to teach you easy-to-use meditation techniques that will prepare you for a lifetime of successful meditation.

You'll learn to relax and feel centred as you discover some of Dru meditation’s many techniques for making your meditation deep, rejuvenating and effortless.

Dru Bhagavad Gita Bundle volumes 1 to 3
Quiet Times - Meditation

Chris Barrington

Enjoy this easy to learn introduction to meditation available on CD or MP3.  Feel relaxed and centred as you discover some of Dru meditation’s many techniques for making your meditation deep, relaxing and effortless.

Points of Balance

Chris Barrington and Dr Mansukh Patel

Step into a cycle of power and strength.

Dru Yoga stillness in motion book

Chris Barrington, Anita Goswami, Annie Jones, foreword by Mansukh Patel.

Body-mind yoga at its best - 
the ultimate yoga lifestyle guide.

Dru Bhagavad Gita - Volume 2

Chris Barrington, John Jones, Savitri MacCuish, Mansukh Patel, compiled by Yamuna Loyal

The Bhagavad Gita as never seen before.

meditation - Chakra Dharanam Part 2

Chris Barrington

For thousands of years, yogis and mystics have used chakra meditation, concentration, and visualisations as a means to access their peak potential. This programme focuses on balancing and energising the 4 higher chakras in a potent and effective way. 

Meditation class - Chakra Dharanam Part 1

Chris Barrington

Since ancient times, people have used chakra meditation, concentration [dharanam] and visualisation to unlock their hidden potential. Internationally renowned teacher Chris Barrington will lead you through a 2-part program that can transform your life. Build strength, purpose and confidence and let go of old emotional hurts.


Chris Barrington

Dru Meditation's approach to the first 4 chakras, with outstanding preparatory movement & breathing techniques. Build strength, purpose and confidence as well as letting go of old emotional hurts.



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