Dru Ayurveda Diploma course - Aus - Training fees

Now set up your monthly training fee schedule for the Dru Ayurveda Health Coach Diploma course  - Aus



You are about to embark on a journey that has every potential to give you lifelong friends and a suite of techniques that will last your lifetime. We wish you every success and hope we can help you make remarkable discoveries along your way. All the very best to you!


Setting up your payments ....

Please be careful to select your choice in section one and confirm it in section two

  1. Section one: Your payment choice - choose between making a one-off or monthly payments.
  2. Section two - confirm your choice.
  • Example 1: you wish to pay the full price of AUD $ 3,440.00 (this box is selected by default).  Confirm your choice in the next section 'I want to make a one-time payment'.
  • Example 2: you wish to pay in monthly installments of AUD $344.00. Select this option in section one and confirm your choice in section 2:- 'I agree to pay this amount every month for 10 installments' (enter 10 in the box provided).
Total Amount

   for  installments.
Aug 18, 2022


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