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The Dru Meditation training course has been designed as a powerful transformational journey that provides you with the tools to teach advanced meditation and live life in a positive and successful way.

The Dru Meditation training course is a powerful transformational journey that provides you with essential tools to live in a positive and successful way. It takes you progressively deeper into the science of meditation. It’s a systematic approach working through the koshas from the gross to most subtle. What you will learn...


  • yoga preparations for meditation
  • techniques to enhance your concentration and focus
  • potent Dru prana kriyas, pranayama (breathwork), mudra and visualisation techniques
  • meditations for healing the body
  • meditative contemplation techniques
  • chanting and mantra meditation
  • how to manage group energetics
  • how to maximise the benefits of your meditation
  • deep exploration of the 5 koshas:  
    • 1. annamaya kosha—physical body as a gateway to the quiet mind; 
    • 2. pranamaya kosha—awareness of energy; 
    • 3. manomaya kosha—understanding what drives us; 
    • 4. vijnanamaya kosha—programming our thoughts; 
    • 5. anandamaya kosha—resting in stillness and bliss.

This course is designed for those wanting to learn the art of meditation for their  personal use. The added benefit of this course is that it gives you the option to qualify as a Dru meditation teacher should you wish. 


For more information call 01372 725327
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24th November, 2018 10:00 AM   through   5:00 PM
Registration Fee £ 150.00
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Course structure:

24 x Saturdays 

24 Nov 2018* 2 Feb 2019*** 25 Jan 2020
15 Dec 2018* 9 Mar 2019*** 22 Feb 2020
  6 Apr 2019 21 Mar 2020
  11 May 2019 25 Apr 2020
  8 Jun 2019 16 May 2020
  13 Jul 2019 13 Jun 2020
  14 Sep 2019 18 Jul 2020
  5 Oct 2019 12 Sep 2020
  2 Nov 2019 3 Oct 2020
  7 Dec 2019 31 Oct 2020
    7 Nov 2020
    21 Nov 2020


* 19th and 26th January 2019 if unable to make November and December 2018 course days

***2nd February and 9th March 2019 are held at the Light Centre Belgravia


Course Fees and Payment Options

There is a non-refundable registration fee of £130 and a deposit of £100, totalling £230, to be paid in full before the course begins. The £100 deposit will be returned to you as a deduction from your final course payment. 

Option 1: 24 x Monthly payments of £95.00 (£1,140/year)

Option 2:   8 x Quarterly payments of £280.00 (£1,120/year)

Option 3:   4 x Half-yearly payments of £545.00 (£1,090/year)

Option 5:   2 x Annual payments of £1,050.00 (£1,050/year)

Option 6:   1 x Full payment for two years £2,000 (£1,000/year)


You can pay your registration fee and deposit by clicking the BOOK NOW button

Please complete the application form and return to

or call 01372 725327


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Applying is easy!

You can pay your registration fee and deposit by clicking the BOOK NOW button

Complete the application form and send it to the Dru London meditation team

By Post: 

Dru London, 

126 Manor Green Road,

Epsom, Surrey, K19 8LN

By Email: 

By Phone: 01372 725327

One of your tutors will then contact you to answer all your questions

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Course contents

The course has been designed as a powerful transformational journey that provides you with the tools to examine and transform ways of being that you find unhelpful so that you can engage with your life in a positive and successful way.

It takes you deeply into the science of meditation, showing how to bring your awareness from the physical body, through to the deepest layers of your being. It’s a systematic approach to working with the five koshas, which are the different levels through which we express ourselves in the world.

  • Looking at the physical level, you’ll experience the body as a gateway to the quiet mind.

  • Working with the energetic layer, you’ll establish and deepen your awareness of energy flow within the body. You’ll also learn how to access the individual and universal life-force that enables you to maintain, generate and store internal energy.

  • You’ll explore how to engage creatively with emotional energy.

  • Moving on, you’ll examine the different levels of the mind and the nature of thought. As you reconnect with your original dynamic energy and passion for life you’ll discover that you have access to a constant flow of creative ideas and an understanding of your place in the world. 

Amongst other things, you’ll learn:

  • Meditation essentials e.g. optimising your sitting posture and environment as well as overcoming resistances to your practice

  • Dru prana kriyas, pranayama, mudra and visualisation techniques

  • Meditations for each layer of awareness (kosha) – physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and connectedness

  • A deep understanding of subtle energy

  • Contemplation techniques

  • Chanting/singing and mantra meditation

  • Meditation for healing the body and the earth

  • Meditation in the workplace

  • Structuring and planning meditation classes

  • Managing group energetics in a meditation class

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What if I’m new to Dru Meditation?

Previous knowledge of meditation is not necessary as there are several options to help you gain the necessary experience. Generally, as a precursor to the course, we suggest that you:

  • attend a preparatory Dru Meditation retreat

  • book a personal mentoring with a senior Dru Meditation tutor

  • purchase a copy of the Dru Yoga book Stillness in Motion and join the Dru Yoga Online Studio, particularly learning the main Energy Block Release sequences

  • have a basic knowledge of the chakras and subtle anatomy

  • attend a Dru Yoga class regularly if possible

  • subscribe to the Dru Meditation Online course

When do I qualify as a Dru Meditation teacher?

Once you’ve attended all the course days, completed the necessary assignments and passed the final teaching assessment.

Teaching skills

There will be on-going brief teaching practice assignments throughout the course. Your tutors and peers will assess your final teaching practice. For this you’ll be asked to teach at least three different aspects of meditation to your fellow students.

Assessments: projects and assignments

If you wish to graduate from this course with a Dru Meditation Teacher diploma there are a number of assessment processes built into the course. On this course the emphasis for your assignments is on your personal practice, and a meditation journal that we ask you to keep as a record of your personal practice. There will also be a written assignment, as well as revision exercises during the course days. These revision exercises will help you keep up to date with the course syllabus. They are organised in a stress-free, informal way.

Course manuals

We provide detailed course manuals to assist your home learning process, although much of what you learn will come directly from your tutors. The notes in the manuals are intended as aids to help you remember; they are a foundation to support your own experience. They can never substitute for live tuition.

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Light Centre Moorgate, 114 London Wall, London, EC2M 5QA

Record the start dates of all the sessions (days/weekends/modules) in this teacher training course.

If a weekend/module starts in the evening, use that day as the start date.

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