Sacred Yoga and Sound workshop

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This masterclass will look at the power of movement, mantra and meditation for harnessing the power of the ancient energies of yoga. This time we will look at the Goddess Radha – guardian of the sacred heart and Hanuman, guardian of prana (life force) which is key to balanced health.

This masterclass with Annie Jones and Petra Opsteeg, will look at the power of movement, mantra and meditation for harnessing the power of the ancient energies of yoga. This time we will look at the Goddess Radha – guardian of the sacred heart and Hanuman, guardian of prana (life force) which is key to balanced health. 

Both are very much connected with the Yoga of Sound. You will learn how to free and strengthen your vocal expression and learn sacred mantra sounds to awaken these powers within you on a day to day basis. Please rest assured, you don't need a trained voice to enjoy and benefit from this masterclass!

14th November, 2015 6:30 PM   through   4:00 PM
Manchester Quaker Meeting House
6 Mount Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester M2 5NS
United Kingdom
Phone: 01248 602900
Individual £ 75.00
DPN member £ 60.00
Both £ 50.00
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Cost for individual:  £75 

Cost for individual DPN price:  £60

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Friends’ Meeting House

6 Mount Street


M2 5NS 

Friends’ Meeting House is centrally located only a couple of minutes walk away from Manchester Town Hall and Manchester Central, and directly opposite the newly refurbished Central Library.


The nearest stop is St. Peters Square, only 3 mins on foot. More information can be found at


We are within walking distance of all the city centre rail stations, approx times on foot:

  • Manchester Piccadilly – 20 min

  • Manchester Victoria – 15 min

  • Manchester Oxford Rd – 10 min

  • Salford Central – 15min

  • Deansgate – 10 min


Several bus routes stop near the Meeting House, including the Metroshuttle, free buses linking the main rail stations, car parks, shopping areas and businesses in Manchester city centre. Find out more at


The nearest parking is:

Great Northern (4 mins walk – M3 4EE) and Manchester Central (3 mins walk – M2 3GX)

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The Power of Sound

How much can a sound affect us? Consider this. Many years ago, when the first astronauts were embarking on space missions, they experienced a mysterious condition later named, ‘space sickness’. No-one could work out what was causing this until a scientist called Schumann discovered the fact that once in space, the astronauts were out of contact with the earth’s frequency (or sound). He created a device that could emit 7.83Hz – the low, deep sound of the earth’s frequency, into the space ships and lo and behold – space sickness just as mysteriously disappeared.

The Great Word, or OM, is said to be ‘the word’, from which all of creation came – (‘In the beginning was the Word’); the cosmic hum that creates and sustains all of life and the earth itself. Leaving the earth’s hum profoundly disturbed the astronauts for reasons deeper perhaps than we can explain or find logical reasoning for.

We are all made up of trillions of tiny particles we call cells, which underneath a microscope reveal even more trillions of particles all floating around inside our bodies.  Electrons, protons and neutrons circling around our little atoms, much like the earth circles around the sun. Every atom, electron, proton and neutron in our bodies is carrying an electrical charge. The energy created by these billions and trillions of little charges in turn creates a vibrational frequency or sound. Imagine the dancing molecules all over the body, all vibrating at different pitches and frequencies – every organ, tissue, muscle and bone emitting a different sound.

The sound made by our own bodies is as unique to us as our fingerprints. If we are all, indeed, walking cacophonies of sound, what kind of sound are we making in there? Is it the sound of an orchestra just tuning up before the concert or a magnificently honed orchestra with the best, most professional conductor, orchestrating the most experienced musicians playing perfect instruments?

In a perfect world, we would all be perfectly ‘in tune’ – in perfect harmony and balance with our inner and outer universes. In reality, we are all subjected to a constant assault of multiple, indeterminable factors. The sound of a juggernaut careering past you in the street can send your vibrational frequency into a hectic spin. Mobile phones, computers, electromagnetic pollution, low flying planes and countless other uncontrollable factors, all combine to create a potential discord in our frequency.

Before we all spiral into despair, this is where sound therapy, toning, chanting and mantra come to the rescue to put our cells back into harmony and restore balance to all the different systems in the body.

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