5 day Ayurveda Spring detox@home

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Dru Ayurveda guided detox program online 2-hour Intro to principles Ayurveda workshop for those new to Ayurveda, 1 hr intro to program (both recorded); 5 daily zoom forum check-ins, full menu, shopping list, recipes for 5 days of detox, chart of permitted and banned foods, with 4 x 20 min cooking demo videos for all meals

Re-set and bounce into spring!

A gentle kitcheri-based cleanse in the comfort of your home, to detox body and mind, reset your digestion, boost energy, improve mood and immunity


In only 5 days you’ll feel aligned with nature’s cycles, clearer, healthier and renewed

Seasonal change, heralded by the Spring equinox on September 21st, alerts our mind and bodies that we need to shift gears to keep functioning at our best.
After the excesses of winter where we are ‘stocking up’ to keep warm and nourished in all manner of ways, this is the perfect time to let go and re-fresh. No doubt, the liver, gall bladder and intestinal tract yearn will for a good cleanse!

Who hasn’t gained a little more around the waist from rich, heavy and grounding food so necessary during winter—not to mention the unpredictable lockdowns, with perhaps less exercise and lots of zoom meetings! 

Join us on this gentle detox@home to keep our bodies and minds functioning at their very best, during this time of seasonal change.


This detox@home will be great for you if you are feeling

  • a little bit heavy and sluggish after winter or too close to the fridge working from home
  • ready for a spring clean and energy boost after winter hibernation
  • signs of lymphatic congestion—water retention or sinus congestion
  • bloating, wind, constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, diarrhea  or constipation
  • generalised aches and pains
  • stiff joints
  • weight gain
  • mild fatigue
  • lack of mental clarity
  • irregular or impaired appetite


This Dru Ayurveda gentle detox@home is for you if you

  • are ready to release yourself from craving unhealthy unseasonal foods
  • are committed to prioritising your health for 5 days
  • are self-directed with self-discipline to follow the detox menus and program on your own
    Don't worry it's easy!
  • need a programme that fits in with your family and work life
  • don't have any serious medical issues
    If you do you, can schedule a consult with either Mouli or Greg, who will tailor a full Ayurvedic health plan to meet your individual needs


What the detox@home provides

  • a quick quiz for us to determine the current imbalances of your doshas (constitution)  
  • 3 hour introductory workshop explaining key Ayurvedic principles, and the detox@home program (available as a recording)
  • full menus for your 5-day detox, with recipes and shopping list 
  • 4 x 20 min cooking demo videos, full of tips to create the recipes with ease, to watch in your own time
  • chart of which foods are permitted during the gentle detox and those to avoid
  • daily yoga and pranayama program to fuel your digestive fire, unwind your nervous system, quieten the mind,
    de-stagnate the lymph and increase detox benefits  
  • 5 daily zoom Q&A forums, to check-in with your tutors Mouli & Greg, and be supported and inspired by like-minded souls sharing this detox journey 
  • on-going WhatsApp forum and connection with our thriving Dru Ayurveda Australasian community


What if I cannot do all 5 days with the zoom connections?

The detox@home program takes place in the company of a like-minded community with 5 nights of live Q&A hosted by Dru Ayurveda tutors & health coaches with support from the Dru Ayurveda team. 

  • We recommend that you immerse yourself in the detox over the 5 days 13ayurveda@dru.com.auth to 17th September, leading up to the spring equinox, as it’s the best time to prepare yourself for the change of season. Checking in each evening at 7pm gives the support, encouragement and inspiration of knowing you are not doing this on your own. 
  • If you’re not able to attend live, you can post your questions ahead of time to ayurveda@dru.com, or to our detox Whatsapp group. The introductory workshop, with explanation of the home cleanse program, will be available as recordings. You’ll receive links to the cooking vimeos to watch any time, and pdfs of the menu plans, recipes, a chart of permitted foods and a shopping list.

3 Personal CPD points for DPN Members

More info—email: ayurveda@dru.com.au


The instructions and advice presented by the Dry Ayurveda team for the gentle detox@home are in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counselling. If you are currently taking any medications, proceed only under your doctor’s supervision. 

13th Sep 2021, 14:00 through 17th Sep 2021, 20:00
Online streaming and zoom—wherever you have access to a computer or phone
Event Fee(s)
Full price: 3 hr intro, 5-day program with cooking videos $ 370.00
DPN & concession price $ 296.00
50% offer—for return detoxers $ 185.00
50% offer—for 3-day participants who register on Foundations of Ayurveda course $ 185.00
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Prices and booking info

Prices and booking

To ensure we can fully care for everyone on the program, places are limited

$ 370—full price

$ 185—50% discount offer:

—for 3-day Inspiration participants who registered for Foundations of Ayurveda course 

—for those who have participated in any of our previous detox@home programs

$ 296—DPN & concession discount


Sat 4 September 2021

Intro workshop, live online

2–5.30pm Key Ayurvedic principles, Intro to the detox program

Mon 13 through to Friday 17 September

5 supervised days of detox 

7.00pm–8.00pm AEST, evening zoom forum to check in with your tutors and other participants 


After you register please follow the link in your welcome email to the Google and complete the 2-part Health questionnaire

We shall email your link to the pdf menu plans, detox program, recipes, shopping list and chart of permitted foods closer to the start date.

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Webinar - link to recorded webinar
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Mouli MacKenzie

Dru Ayurvedic Health Coach

Senior Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainer, WA Regional Manager of Dru Australasia

Head of Dru Australia Graphics & Publications

I am passionate about contributing positively to this wonderful world! sharing the wisdom and practices of Dru and Ayurveda to help you to bring your life and health into balance and connect with your joyous true nature.

Simple lifestyle and dietary changes, combined with specific yogic practices, self therapy and herbs can support your awareness to make positive choices for wellbeing, health and happiness. I offer individual Ayurvedic consultations to guide your day to day living... together we can overcome personal challenges and journey towards vibrant energy, clarity, inner connection and purposeful living. 


Greg Carlin

Combining many years in hands-on health care with a qualification as an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant, Greg brings a wealth of experience to helping people create a balanced approach to well-being.

By giving us the tools to understand our distinctive constitution, Ayurveda can help us to identify any areas of our health that may be out of balance. We can then put together a daily approach to diet and lifestyle to increase energy, restore vitality and bring a sense of nourished calm to life.

In consultation, Greg applies the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition, yoga practice, therapies, herbs and lifestyle to explore your specific health status or condition.

Greg is a member of the teaching team for Dru Ayurveda in the United Kingdom and a co-founder of Dru Ayurveda in Australia.



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Learn how to bring yourself back into balance as the seasons change with this 5-day online retreat in Spring 2021.

We’ll give you all the help you’ll need—information, guided practices, inspiration—to have an effective ayurvedic detox and make the most of this time of seasonal change. 

Introductory workshop

2–4 pm Key principles of Ayurveda

4.30–5.30—Outlining the detox program—menus, yoga, pranayama, lifestyle keys, herbs. Q&A 

The detox!

Day 1—Going in gently and coming out gradually 

Day 2—Diving in deeper

Day 3—Mono eating kitcheri for full detox

Day 4—Graduated return (like day 2)

Day 5—Coming out gradually (like day 1) 

Kitcheri, the nourishing, cleansing, easy to digest Ayurvedic superfood will be our staple.

It is high in protein and is extremely comforting to your digestive tract and intestinal mucosa, beneficial for intestinal repair, rejuvenation and spiritual growth!. We'll be giving you menus for the 5 days of detox, with recipes for three different kitcheri's, complete with cooking videos.

On day three we mono-eat our deetox kitcheri, three meals a day. When you eat a mono diet, your body can focus the energy that normally goes towards digestion to cleansing and healing other systems.

Our 5-day meal plan is a truly transformative option for both your body’s detox process and your psychological relationship to food. 

Always eat your largest serving of kitchari midday, when your digestion is the strongest.

For dinner, eat early and eat a smaller serving. 

Full price: $370

DPN/concession: $296

50% offer: $185—for returning detoxers & 3-day participannts who registered for Foundations of Ayurveda course


If you cancel up to 48 hours before the program commences (because of illness or some other unforseen circumstance) then we give you the option of transferring the event fee to a future Dru event.

If you are unable to be present for introductory workshop on Saturday we offer a link to listen to the recording

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Health considerations

It is important to complete the two parts of the questionnaires before you start the detox

  • Whats my dosha and my vrkritti?

  • health questionnaire

Please note that by booking in for this short detox program you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

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‘It was a valuable experience for my digestion and my mind. The food and daily routines were simple to apply, and have brought a new steadiness into my heart, mind and body. A good mix of info, movement, and sharing videos and zoom sessions.’ Jane Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher

‘The detox at home was so easy to follow and the food delicious. Easing into the 5 days and then easing out made the experience very doable. I didn't feel hungry very often, and when I did, I just had an extra bowl of kitcheri. Yummy!Mouli & Greg are both wonderful and supportive. Very empowering and nourishing to the soul.’ Bev retired registered nurse/social worker

‘I LOVED the five evening catch ups on zoom, the sessions were the magic ingredient… some of the most positive zoom experiences I have ever had—so heart warming. Everyone was supportive, respectful, kind and gentle with each other. The 1 hour flowed so smoothly thanks to Mouli and Greg being fabulous hosts. PERFECT!’ Kathryn life coach, counsellor & mentor

‘It was wonderfully nurturing opportunity to come back to myself. I will definitely do a detox like this with every equinox.’ Olga, yoga teacher, online chat host

‘Absolutely brilliant! If you are looking for something to help you rebalance yourself physically, bring more emotional awareness into your life, deepen your connection to your Self and others, I found the spring detox experience gave all of these things and so much more. This is the gift that keeps on giving.’

Fiona, K–12 teacher, Dru yoga instructor, home schooling mother

‘Excellent. Throughout the whole process you knew that expert support was available & readily accessible.’ Julie, Wellbeing centre and yoga tutor

‘Far exceeded my expectations. I would say it was transformative. If you are needing to reset and rejuvenate consider the Dru Ayurveda detox@home program. I thoroughly enjoyed all the delicious food, the cooking instructions, the invaluable support from the tutors and the connection with a community of like minded souls on the same journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Nicky, Dru Yoga teacher, True Equanimity Yoga

‘I have done an amapachana detox twice before but found this Dru detox was by far the best detox ever. I think the group participation, support from tutors and students made it easier and fun. The feeling of isolation and separation was minimal and knowing that there were others experiencing challenging times too was reassuring. I was inspired by fellow participants and more motivated to succeed and wanted to encourage others to cross the finishing line together. Yay we did it! Thank you so much for being a catalyst for improving lives and the planet.’ Margot, yoga and meditation teacher

‘A fabulous program to gently guide and inspire you to make gentle Ayurvedic lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing. A fabulous opportunity to reset your life through the wisdom of Ayurveda. I highly recommend the detox program to others.’ Kathryn, life coach, counsellor & mentor