21-Day Course: Age Well, Feel Fabulous Programme - the longevity formula that works

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Reboot Your Health and Well-being in just 21 days

Age well and feel fabulous in just 21 days. Join our transformative online course and rewrite your ageing story ensuring a brighter, more vibrant future.

Are you tired of waking up with stiffness in the morning, forgetting where you put your keys, or struggling with aches and pains, indigestion, disturbed sleep? Are you feeling anxious and stressed and notice that your energy levels are not as high as they used to be?

Don't let the challenges of ageing hold you back any longer. 

Together with our team of experts, we will explore simple, easy to apply, measurable solutions for ageing well that support you in creating new healthier habits.

Sleep better, think better, eat better, and relax into your future. It's not just about living longer, it's also about living well with joy.  With the right guidance for your personal health, you will gain more time with friends and family, to travel and fully enjoy the life you have.

Your programme includes -

Flex, Strengthen and Stabilise

It is crucial to maintain flexibility and mobility in the joints to stay pain-free. A general muscle toning and strengthening process is now recognised as essential, especially as we mature. Stability and balance of the body are crucial for better coordination and proprioception. We will explore specific movements for each of these areas to help create an overall stronger body and increase your energy levels. 

Enhance your brain health and elevate your sleep 

With an increase in mental health issues and the prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer's, keeping our brain sharp is essential. Let's get ahead of the game and prevent future issues. In addition to practices to nourish the brain and improve your memory, we will also explore the critical connection between sleep and brain health, learning how to improve the quality of sleep for enhanced memory and mental clarity.

Improve Gut Health and Metabolism

The microbiome is now recognised as a key area to maintain for the health of the mind and body. Discover the best foods to support your gut health and improve issues like indigestion, bloating, and sluggish bowels. Establish effective ways to increase your digestive fire helping you to absorb your food and convert it into the fuel you need to keep going all day long.

Relaxation - the secret superpower for longevity 

We live in a busy world with various stressors, including family care, financial concerns, and work-life balance. Relaxation plays a key role in shifting your body from fight or flight mode to a natural and balanced state that allows your own healing system to reboot and support deep and lasting positive cellular changes. 


Programme outline

  • Day 1: We will start with a live session to connect together as a longevity community and share the outline for the next 21 days.

  • Week 1: In the following 5 days you will receive a daily 15-minute (max) online pre-record practice. On Sunday 19th November there will be a live lesson where we will recap what we have learnt so far and answer any questions.

  • Week 2: Throughout the second week you will continue to receive a daily 15-minute (max) pre-record online practice. On Saturday the 25th November, we will come together again for a live session reviewing what we have learnt so far and answering any questions that you may have.

  • Week 3: Throughout the third week you will continue to receive a daily 15-minute (max) pre-record online practice. On Saturday the 2nd of December, we will come together again for a live session reviewing what we have learnt so far and answering any questions that you may have. 

  • On Day 21: Sunday the 3rd of December, we will reveal one more powerful practice on our journey of health, happiness and longevity.  


1. A habit tracker to help you maintain consistency in your daily practices. 

2. Our Dru self-assessment tool will enable you to measure your progress.

3. Downloadable invaluable supplementary materials for you to keep.

13th Nov 2023, 18:30 to 3rd Dec 2023, 11:00
United Kingdom
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Prices & Booking

13 November - 3 December 2023

Standard price - £195
DPN price - £149

Online via Dru Learning Hub

For more information email hello@druworldwide.com

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Annie Jones:  Annie is one of the Co Founder's of Dru (UK). She is an Ayurveda Consultant and trainer, nutritionist, and spiritual mentor. Co Author of Stillness in Motion and Brain Fog she also is the Director of the Dru Online studio.She is a passionate advocator of creating a harmonious balance between us and our natural environment.

Sylvia Barrington:  Sylvia has over 35 years experience as an educator and specialises in Yoga Therapy, Vedic Astrology, yoga and meditation. She has a unique understanding of how the body works and how the subtle energetics work to awaken the innate healing potential of the body.

Louise Rowan:  Louise has over 35 years experience in the field of yoga, meditation and personal development work. She has studied how to improve and understand how our brain works and its link to sleep. She specialises in the art of meditation for mental and emotional well being. 

Andrew Wells:  Having worked for the UN, Andrew is a strong advocate for awakening the very best in people He specialises in emotional transformation. He is a visionary for peace and a global ambassador for the earth and its future. He has an eye for detail and this is seen in his indepth understanding of energy in motion within movement.

Dr. Janey Fitzgerald:  Janey's experience as a GP for over 35 years, together with her Yoga Therapy knowledge and as an Ayurvedic Consultant bring the best of the east and western medical insight to this 21 day programme. She is skilled in teaching, training and sharing her knowlege in a way that is applicable to our everyday circumstances.

Andre Hartwich:  André is a highly experienced and qualified yoga, meditation, pranayama, breathwork and Ayurveda teacher trainer. With over 25 years of experience in teaching and coaching, he has developed a deep understanding of the human body and mind, and how to use these practices to create lasting change.

Radha Patel:  Radha is a Pharmacist by day and a health coach by night. She is an Ayurvedic Consultant as well as runs her own Toga programmes. She brings the best of fitness and health together as a tool for health and personal development.

Mona Fairholme:  Mona is one of the senior Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher trainers. She specialises is body work and fitness to create health and healing. She has taught on many retreats, master classes and workshops in the UK and Portugal and brings a wealth of experience of working with 100's of students.





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Dates and times of live sessions:

  • Kick off: Monday 13 November at 6.30pm UK time (45 mins)
  • 2nd live session: Sunday 19th November at 10.30am (45 mins)
  • 3rd live session: Saturday 25th November at 6.30pm (45mins)
  • 4th live session: Saturday 2 December 10.30am (45 mins)
  • Conclusion session Sunday 3 December 10.30am (45 mins)



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This 21 day programme will include:

  • A health form which we will send in advance so that we understand how best to support your needs
  • A holistic self assessment form for you to check how you feel and to allow you to compare how you feel after the 21 days
  • A personal habit tracker that will allow you to record your commitment to each of the daily practices we share
  • A community Telegram group (optional) to allow you to keep in touch and ask questions of the team if you need to and for us to keep you updated with developments as we progress
  • A downloadable materials pack that will contain each daily practice to be used as a guide to help you follow each session with ease
  • Daily connection with us via live and prerecorded sessions for 21 days of magic!
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Items to have available

yoga mat

stretch band

chair for support 



Hand weights 0.5kg - 3kg (or heavier if you’re familiar with weight training) 
Ankle or wrist weights if any gripping issues (same weight as above)



You deserve some space.

  • It's important to give yourself a clear, uninterrupted space for this special time! It's always tempting to do several things at once when you're by a screen - but we highly recommend that in this case, you create 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself each day.
  • We'll be covering some very special material that we hope will make a wonderful difference in your life. You are worth it - and you deserve it!
  • Be ready to feel fabulous and prepare for the season ahead and be ready for 2024 stronger and more vibrant.
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