Cassie Schilg
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Fadden Australian Capital Territory Australia

I have been teaching Dru Yoga classes for approximately 2 years, and enjoy it thoroughly as it gives me an opportunity to pass on something that has benefited my life in numerous ways. I'd love to share more with you about my journey with Dru. Come to class and have a chat with me :)

Do you want to feel free, healthy and energised in your body?
Would you benefit from peace of mind in day to day life?
Would you like to awaken your potential to live your life with more purpose and joy?

The practice of Dru Yoga and Meditation can bring all of these things and more!
And the best thing is, anyone can do it.
You’ll begin to feel benefits after your first class.

Most classes will finish with a short meditation to give you the experience of pure stillness.


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