Shanti McLaren
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Belgrave

I had never heard of Dru Yoga until my first class in Byron Bay, NSW. At the end of the class I was so peaceful and still. I felt like I’d been on a week long retreat! The effect was so profound I wanted to share it with others.

I became an accredited practitioner of Dru Yoga with the help of Dru Yoga Australia. I created Heartmovements Dru Yoga and I’ve been sharing the benefits of Dru Yoga with the community of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges since 2004. Some students travel from the city and bay-side to come and join us!

At Heartmovements Dru Yoga, Belgrave, each class includes an enjoyable warm up to help get your blood and oxygen flowing. This is followed by an energy block release (EBR) designed to release energy blocks within your body. After a short rest we explore sequences or flowing postures that bring you infinite strength and grace while deep breathing leaves you feeling revitalised and centred. Each Dru Yoga class ends with relaxation and sometimes a meditation that introduces you to a rich state of contentment and healing silence.

Heartmovements Dru Yoga classes follow a theme and build upon the previous class. The best results are achieved with regular attendance and commitment to a term of Dru Yoga.


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